What Would You Refuse to Buy Even if You Were a Millionaire? Here’s What People Said.

Do you ever like to daydream about what you’d buy if you had a boatload of cash?

We all do it from time to time!

Well, today we’re gonna flip the script and find out what people WOULDN’T buy even if they had a million bucks.

Read on to see what they had to say!

1. Just plain weird.

“Designer baby clothes.

Was buying my daughter shoes today and there were tables for Gucci, Burberry, etc. shoes for kids.

It’s pretty gross. $450 for a pair of sneakers your kid is going to outgrow in 4 months just so people can see the Fendi pattern?


2. No one will know.

“Anything and everything that screams “I’ve got money!”

I wouldn’t flaunt my wealth if I had any.”

3. What’s the point?

“A ridiculously large house.

Why do you need 20 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, it must cost so much money to run a house like that too!

I’d rather have a smaller place that actually feels like a home.”

4. Huh?


I still don’t really understand what the hell these even are after googling it for an hour.

It made less sense the more I read.”

5. Never!

“Any designer anything made with material that displays the designer’s logo a bunch.

A single clasp in the shape of the symbol, ok.

A whole purse with LV plastered all over it? Never.”

6. An easy mark.

“A frivolously expensive car like a Rolls Royce or anything like that.

Bags or shoes just to show off brand names… gambling, drugs or motorcycles. I wouldn’t make myself an easy mark by showing off my money at all.

I’d just continue living my low-key life & travel all over the world. hire respectable financial advisers to wisely invest my money & ensure I’ll be comfortably set for the rest of my life.”

7. Crazy.

“A $20k ticket to a sporting event.

I LOVE sports. Always have, always will.

Ain’t no d**n Super Bowl or NBA Finals I couldn’t watch on TV or at a bar or whatever.”

8. Overpriced.

“Technology at release.

Overpriced and under-tested tech that’ll eventually be improved upon and price-lowered soon?

Yeah no.”

9. Scary.

“A helicopter.

I don’t know why, I feel safe in an airplane but helicopters scare me s**tless.”

10. Boozin’ it.

“Ludicrously expensive booze.

You get diminishing returns starting around the $50-60 mark, and there’s not really anything worth it past $100.”

11. One is enough.

“Multiple houses.

I’m gonna find a nice one for me and my family with a great view and that’s it until we decide to move.

I’m not buying twenty houses in seven countries simply because I have the money to do so.”

12. Just don’t do it.

“Any of those giant exotic animals

. I worked with rehabilitated poached animals and I can tell you that anyone buying tigers, or primates, or what have you got them from a place that euthanizes “extra” animals that don’t sell (including those cute cubs that you can pet) or they’re pretty directly involved in poaching from the wild.

The animals are never treated right.”

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