What Would You Say Online but Not to People You Know In Real Life? Here’s What People Said.

A lot of people out there have two different lives: their everyday lives and then the lives they present to people on social media and online.

And sometimes those two different lives are very different indeed…

What would you say online but not to people in real life?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Will someone reach out?

“I wish literally anybody would ever message me first. Feels like I always have to be the one to reach out to my friends.

Not sure if it’s just them not wanting to bother me if I’m busy or they just really don’t care if they talk to me or not.”

2. Terrified.

“I am terrified of d**th.

Not the event, but the concept. All learnings, memories, experience…. it all just ends.

You can’t take it with you. I can’t fathom that one day it just….ends.”

3. Better late than never.

“I wish I was taught to have boundaries and to say “no”.

It’s annoying I’m discovering this so late in life.

Oh, and not to be a people pleaser.”

4. Can’t help it.

“Sometimes I feel jealous when my friends are with their other friends.

I know that’s not right and they’re allowed to have other friends, and I feel bad about it but I can’t help it.”

5. A little awkward.

“I feel like I’m socially awkward and get anxious in large groups of people I don’t know.

I wish people understood this instead of calling me ‘boring, shy and quiet.'”

6. Can’t forget.

“I still cry over my childhood dog.

He was my best and only friend up until I was 12. Every day, I’d come home and hug him in order to forget about the excessive bullying I received at school.

I know I should be over it by now but I can’t let go of him.”

7. I’m a bum.

“All the bad things you thought about me were exactly correct. I’m lazy, procrastinate, and am overall a bum.

Yes, I have an okay job and do my best yet I’m nowhere near the level I should be at. I disappoint myself and I don’t need yours as well to pile on.

Still happy though, which is weird.”

8. Looking for help.

“I’m sick and I’m just going to get sicker. I’m so scared.

My mother is going through it and I have to go through the same thing and I don’t want to.

I want help.”

9. Distracted.

“I’m terrified of drawing any attention to myself or taking risks.

And because of that, I’m just bumbling though my life floating from one distraction to the next hoping it will get better but not actually trying to fix it.”

10. A mess.

“In real life, I never let on that I am not OK.

I have perfected smiling and being bubbly when in reality I am d**d inside.

On here, I’m not really afraid of telling people that my life is a massive mess.”

11. Job problems.

“I hate my job right now.

My company bought a plant nearby a few years ago, and in January 2020 announced they were closing it. I was assigned the task of dismantling some of the plant and shipping it to other plants around the world, while my soon to be unemployed coworkers watch and help.

It makes me feel like a complete piece of s**t.”

12. A tough spot.

“I feel like I have a roommate instead of a wife. We just married last fall…

it was a quick marriage. Not due to religion or wanting the s**y time. I met her at work and it was close quarters, so we naturally became very good friends and shared stories of each other’s horrible exes.

We miscarried prior to being engaged. It tore us up but didn’t tear us apart. An amazing thing happened to me during the pregnancy; I was washed of all prior existing insecurities and overcome with a renewed drive to provide and to succeed for my family. I was ready to step up and felt for the first time ever that I belonged where I was.

We had a covid wedding, which is to say only the essential people were present; parents, grandparents and what would have equated to a bridal party. To be fair to her, my wife was never an overly affection girl even when we were dating.

But the few shreds of attention I received were enough to carry me through. Post wedding she seems neutral to my presence. I’m not greeted when I come home from work. When I call her she says “what?”, not “hello how are you?” The basic s**t.

While I’m at work she spends all her time with her bestie and they’ll come back to our place with meals from restaurants and I’m not offered a portion. I feel like an extra in her life movie. Not even a main character.

She has a son who I love very much. My dad thinks she married me to be a glorified babysitter and I’m leaning that way myself lately. I treat her like a queen, I cook for her and the boy, I clean this house, I bring her meals to work on my off days. And I am receiving NOTHING in return. I’ve been duped y’all.

I jokingly told her that she’s going to “Ross Geller” me and she didn’t exactly refute that point!”

Now it’s your turn!

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