What’s Considered Empowering but Shouldn’t Be? People Shared Their Thoughts.

There’s no doubt that a lot of people out there label things as empowering that really aren’t…

At all…

And that brings us to today’s conversation on AskReddit!

Check out what folks think is falsely called empowering.

1. Ugh.

““I tell it like it is” “I speak only facts”.

These people are usually toxic and make hurtful/bad taste comments under the guise that they can’t help it because they’re honest to a fault.”

2. Not everyone can do it.

“Having a life coach.

Many speak from a privileged perspective.”

3. Inappropriate.

“Kids inappropriately showing themselves off on social media.

No, you’re not s**ually liberated, you’re 16.”

4. Could go either way.

“Doing things “on your own.”

Teamwork and accepting help is also great, and really not “better” than doing things all by yourself.

Obviously there’s a limit to this, but generally speaking, struggling doesn’t always lead to growth and getting help doesn’t always hinder it.”

5. Not for everyone.

“Hustle culture.

Nothing wrong with trying to get ahead, but a person should be able to make a comfortable living from a steady job alone.”

6. Liberated?

“The idea that women CAN do it all.

Kids, jobs, house, relationship, load it on and that makes us er, liberated.

It’s exhausting. I mean sure we CAN. It’s structuring the mind set it’s just GREAT.

Please no one yell at me. Had a lot of years of it and just felt tired, not liberated. At all.”

7. Sometimes you need help.

“Being really aggressively independent.

It’s often a trauma response, and it leads to confirmation bias about being abandoned when you truly need help because you didn’t ask for help.”

8. Called out.


Female workers who make clothes of her brand #IvyPark in sweatshops in Sri Lanka get paid 64 cents an hour, all while she preaches female empowerment.”

9. Not a very good idea.

“Being a parent in your teens.

Seems miserable to me, those are the years to be selfish and have fun before you enter adulthood.”

10. USA!

“These stupid “feel good” stories in the US.

They are a dystopian nightmare. Like, look grandma is 90 and is still working as a cashier for Kroger and she never missed a day of work!

Or this 12 year old worked all summer to help pay for his mom’s chemo.

What in the actual f**k?”

11. Harmful.

“Selling your body.

I support s** workers but I find it alarming how a lot of young women are growing up with the idea that Only Fans, p**n, etc is empowering.

Majority of the time s** work is a seedy business and it puts girls in harms way.”

12. Good point.

“The dream of moving out right at 18 – or the thought you should leave the house immediately.

I guess I just think it’s too young and then there’s a stigma if you have to go back because you weren’t ready “how embarrassing”

Kids should leave when they’re ready, not when they hit a certain age.”

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