What’s Considered Normal but Really Creeps You Out? People Shared Their Thoughts.

This list could be endless…because the older I get, the more things that are considered “normal” seem totally whack to me.

But different strokes for different folks, right?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this…

1. Gross.

“When people document (video record or take a photo or write an article) themselves or other people when helping the impoverished, especially those videos of influencers on Youtube vlogging and ‘helping’ the homeless, showing their faces and stuff.

BS and creepy for me. If you help, just help, no need to let others know.”

2. Don’t force it.

“Forcing your kids to hug people.

If they don’t want to hug someone goodbye — even if there’s no reason — teach them that you’re going to have their back.”

3. Strange stuff.

“Celebrity worship.

Specifically, paying celebrities for pictures and autographs.

You’re paying someone money to pretend to like you for 10 seconds.”

4. No, thanks.

“Employers rewarding us with 8 hour staff retreat at work where we are expected to share personal info with each other all day.

Staff bonding!”

5. Get away from me.

“There’s this sales technique called “mirroring” where the sales person mimics the body language of the customer to gain rapport.

I think a lot of people also do it subconsciously to some extent. Anyway this really creeps me out.”

6. What’s down there?

“Dark water… the ocean; a river; lake; even a swimming pool – if I can’t see through the water, it’s terrifying!”

7. Cringeworthy.

“The various poses from Instagram models.

It’s so cringy it actually creeps me out.

Especially when their eyes are slightly squinted and their mouth is half open like it’s some sort of seductive s**y thing but it’s just way off.”

8. Ugh!

“I’ve had male teachers and staff call me “good girl” after doing a task for them.

Apparently this is a way some men say thank you to girls.

And its f**king weird and creepy everytime.

A simple thanks would suffice.”

9. Not cool.

“Prolonged eye contact.

And by prolonged, I mean more than 10 seconds.”

10. Why do people do this?

“Asking a couple when they plan on getting pregnant, or a couple’s unsolicited sharing they are trying to get pregnant.

I feel gross every time.”

11. Keep it professional.

“The whole “we’re all family here” at the workplace.

It’s like some weird brainwashing to get you to enjoy your job more than you should. Like, no, you’re not my family.

I’m here to do work and get paid, and that’s the only reason I’m here.”

12. Out of control technology!

“Smart appliances. Why oh why does my dishwasher need wifi connection? Smart home, smart lights, smart HVAC, alexa/google home, etc.

“You can control it all from your phone/voice!” Or I could walk over and flip a switch.

Call me crazy, but I just don’t trust it. It all feels very hackable. What data is the supporter mining from this kind of internet usage? What am I opening myself up to? It feels like there are too many open ends that are involved in unnecessary “upgrades”.”

13. Pretty creepy.

“My dad used to walk with his fingers around the back of my neck when we were in public. He could bever understand why I squirmed away from that and batted his hand away.

It just felt like a power thing, it made me feel small and vulnerable. I see it occasionally in public with guys and their girlfriends and dads with their kids and I always get goosebumps from remembering what that feels like.”

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