What’s the Most Ridiculous Thing People Thought Was Real? Here’s What Folks Said.

When I was a kid, there was a rumor going around my school about Richard Gere and a gerbil…and Michael Jackson and a gerbil…and Jon Bon Jovi and a gerbil…

Of course, it wasn’t true, but every generation of kids has its own urban legends that involve celebrities doing weird, perverted things.

And that brings us to today’s discussion!

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about the dumbest things that people thought were real.


1. Free drugs?

“The constant rumor that drug dealers will give them to kids for free.

When I was young I was told not to eat free candy given at school because it could be laced with drugs.

What drug dealer gives away free products marketed to kids who have no money to buy any if they got hooked?”

2. Don’t remember that one.

“Blood being blue.

I was actually told in elementary school that blood is blue when deoxygenized and turns red when it comes into contact with air. I even got grilled by my teacher for sarcastically asking “so there are blue blood cells?”

When I got older looking back I have no f**king idea how people actually believed that.”

3. Smart!

“5G phone masts were spreading COVID.

People actually burned them down because of that belief.”

4. That’s creepy.

“Babies feel no pain and they believed that until the 1970’s so they would experiment on babies up until then because they didnt feel pain.


5. Here we go…

“That the Earth is flat.

Adam Savage did a TED talk that not only did the ancient Greeks (and I’m sure many other societies at the time) realise the earth was spherical, but they also calculated the diameter to a small percentage point. All they needed was shadows at noon at two points, and trigonometry.

So with that much history going so far back, it’s so crazy idiotic that people would disregard that knowledge.”

6. Fun on the farm.

“Cow tipping.

Cows don’t sleep standing up. That’s not a thing!

The amount of people I have met who have claimed to have knocked over a cow while standing up is crazy!

I don’t understand why people claim to do it. I have met tourists who claim to have done it back in their home country all the time.

No farming background or nothing. They will confidently tell me I am wrong even though they have never worked around cattle.”

7. Pretty smart.

“The Blair Witch Project.

One of the most successful viral marketing campaigns, before they were ever really understood.

For about two weeks, no one really knew whether or not the “found footage” (also in its infancy) was real.”

8. I told you!

“Richard Gere was hospitalized for putting a hamster in his a** and Rod Stewert fainted on stage and when they pumped his stomach they found five gallons of s**en.”

9. Liars!

“I thought it was illegal to keep the lights on in the car until I was like 14.

My parents are liars.”

10. THIS!

“That everyone’s opinion has to carry the same weight as the one of someone who is proficient on a field and has dedicated hundreds of hours to obtain it.”

11. Oh, Mom…

“My mom thought Alaska was an island just like Hawaii since it’s always pictured next to it on maps.

She spent 45 years of her life believing this before I corrected her.”

12. Sure…

“JFK Jr. is still alive.

In fact he’s been hiding with Trump’s assistance and he will come out of hiding to spring a trap on the legitimacy of Biden.

Meet up at these coordinates at this time to see it happen live.”

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