What’s Going to Be a Problem 20 Years From Now That People Are Ignoring? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

Are you one of those people who thinks that the world and humanity are on the upswing and things are getting better?

Or do you think it’s all about to come crashing down on our heads sooner than later?

It seems like the world is pretty divided on that issue…but the AskReddit users you’re about to hear from think we have some major issues we’re ignoring right now that are gonna be HUGE issues 20 years from now.

Check out what they had to say.


“Combining deep fake videos with ChatGPT technology and no one will ever know what is real unless they’re seeing it with their own eyes as it happens.”

Seems really bad.

“Tablet use in young children.

I h**e to see a child with a glazed over, detached expression, lost in a screen so young… No self soothing, no dexterity practice, no creativity, no exploration.

I’m worried we are creating a generation of distracted and detached individuals who need a constant influx of content and visual stimuli.”


“An overrun social services system here in Canada.

Most notably a complete and utter failure of the healthcare system.”

Pretty scary.

“Water rights and supply where I live.

Developers just keep building houses and apartments anywhere they can, and people keep flocking here.

There really isn’t enough water, and I’m waiting to see what happens before I buy a house here.”

Think about it.

“We’re rapidly running out of Helium.

Helium is necessary for some life-saving medical technologies such as MRI machines.”


“Competent IT people.

Back in the 1970s-90s when you NEEDED to use the command line to get things done and you HAD to understand your machine at technical level, it resulted in good IT workers. Now kids growing up (looking squarely at you apple) with machines that hide everything scary from the end user, kids are coming out of school not even knowing what an IP address is.

Might not be a problem for smaller organizations that can just buy an off the shelf solution but someone has to run the data center. Maybe AI, but that’s a whole nother can of worms.”

Sounds pretty bad.

“Microplastics in our bodies making us sterile, with who knows what other health problems they cause.

Kinda like the issues of smoking was found 20ish years later.”

The birds.

“The global bird population has plummeted 25% since the 1970s. Hundreds of species are endangered, protected, or facing extinction.

Growing up in Texas anytime we took a car trip the front of the vehicle would look like the battle of the Somme.

The last road trip I took a few years ago I didn’t even need a car wash when I returned.”


“The effect social media influence is having on mental health and personal interaction.

Watching my daughter grow up (she’s under 10) and being the only one of her friends without a Tiktok account is f**king scary.”

We need more of them.

“Trade jobs. Doctors are super great, and so are lawyers and engineers. They do make the world go round.

But electricians, plumbers, and other maintenance workers. There going to be in demand years from now. Because I know my generation and the Gen Z below me sure isn’t getting there hands dirty for that.”

Heads up.

“Phone zombies.

People staring at their phones all day.

It will get worse if we ignore the phone addiction problem.”

They’re taking over…

“Robots/AI taking jobs.

It will not decrease prices. It will only increase profits for corporations and put a lot of people out of work as they become unneeded in their chosen career choice and they won’t have other options because again, robots/AI will take over many different jobs.

This won’t increase leisure time either. People just won’t have money to pay bills, buy food, etc. The rich will become richer and the poor will become poorer. This is how capitalism works.”

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