What’s Normal to Have One Of, but Concerning to Have More Than One? People Responded.

Some people are just obsessive about collecting things…

And it can get to the point where it’s just plain WEIRD.

So what’s normal to have one of but is concerning to have more than one?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. What’s going on here?


One is normal, two maybe you use one for job and one for living, but more… did you steal them or what are you trying to hide?”

2. Poor guy.


I had a friend who had a wall of fedoras.

He’s still single and a virgin to this day.”

3. Send help.

“My wife and I are amateur geologists and like to collect rocks from places we visit. But my wife brings too many rocks.

She has boxes of rocks big and small. Some too heavy. I don’t even remember how she got them in the car. Send help.”

4. Hmmm…

“I used to rent out the room above my business to students until this one guy just refused leave.

Went to check out the appartment and he was the proud owner of at least 20 scales.”

5. Get a life.

“Patriotic merchandise.

You have an american flag shirt? A little weird, but fine.

You have three shirts with white jesus on them captioned “Jesus was a conservative”?

Seek some mental help.”

6. A strange guy.

“I met a guy on Tinder a few years back.

He had 21 clocks in his apartment, all set to different times, all the wrong time.

He said the only time that mattered was NOW.”

7. Come on, Mom!

“My mother has like 40+ coffee cups.

She only uses 5 and the rest of my family doesn’t drink coffee.”

8. Might be overdoing it.

“Self help books….

A family member has a whole bookcase…”

9. Kind of creepy.

“I’m going with freezers.

One, ok cool, you’re frugal or buy in bulk….

Multiple?!? Who are you Jeffery Dahmer? What are you storing???”

10. Wow.

“Toothbrushes in your suitcase.

I know a guy who bought a child toothbrush on his trip because that’s the only one they had in the store. 2 in one box.

He was arrested when he tried to fly home by customs for fear of child exploration.”

11. A little worried…

“Big kitchen knives.

Lots of people have a variety of kitchen knives, but imagine walking into someone’s kitchen and they’ve got a wall strip with six identical cleavers.

I feel like it would be subtly but consistently disconcerting.”

12. Over the top.

“A g**.

Having one to protect yourself is normal but a lil concerning when people get a bit too obsessed with decorating their m**der machines.

Obviously this will be downvoted due to the disproportionate amount of Americans getting called out by it, but it’s true.”

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