What’s the Best Example of Society Going Downhill? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

Are we as a society going downhill or are we on the upswing?

Well, it seems like people are pretty divided on that one…

But these AskReddit users DEFINITELY think the world is on the decline…and they offered up some reasons why…

Check out what they had to say.

1. Yup.

“People voting against their best interests due to tribalism and owning the other political party.”

2. Definitely true.

“People screaming, yelling and shutting those who they disagree with even when, sometimes, they’re speaking truth.

People are more afraid of being wrong then they are concerned about the greater good of this world.”

3. Gotta get out there.

“No third spaces.

We work and hang out at home, but go nowhere.

That bodes poorly for a society when people can’t find a place to just be social to be social, even with an activity.”

4. Messed up.

“Well, in the USA, that’d be healthcare.

Just dealing with me, right now, and what I need (never mind what has happened to me medically in the past) I have a congenital heart condition, and this year, I was unable to get health insurance with the hospital that has covered me my entire life. I need a heart surgery, probably this year, and I’m most likely in heart failure based off tests.

In december of 2022, my new cardiologist said I needed to get an echo to rule out something called “cardiac venous congestion”, but, this year I have no coverage with them because …why??

Insurance says that my PCP/GP must recommend that I see somebody there, to prove that I need cardiac care with them, despite the fact that I’ve been seeing them my entire life. Why is that though? Because the insurance I had last year left the marketplace.

So now, it’s the end of January, I have an appointment with a new PCP/GP so they can tell an insurance company that I need to be seen by these specialists that I’ve been seeing my whole life so that those specialists can tell me that I’m either experiencing heart failure (in which case I’ll be getting prompt surgery), or that all this swelling is, according to my last PCP/GP that I will never be seeing again, “all in your head”.

I could write an entire novel about how messed up healthcare in the USA is and how much it’s affected me, and people around me, and how much money we’ve all spent.”

5. Sad.

“Living life through our phone screens rather than in the moment.

I went to a concert last year and couldn’t see half the time because my view was blocked by phone screens, recording the concert from start to end.

It’s almost as though documenting our lives has become more important than actually experiencing them.”

6. Dumb and dumber.

“Elementary kids are getting dumber and dumber every year.

I thought it was a local thing how my country’s literacy rates were dropping despite more access to technology.”

7. Climate change.

“The fact that a truck that was driven on Lake of the woods in Northern Minnesota/Northwestern Ontario broke through the ice in the middle of January.

That shouldn’t happen.”

8. Sick.

“My state is trying to pass a bill where librarians could get prison time and be in a s** offender list for any books that talks about s**, anatomy, and possibly LGBTQ+ stuff.

I wanna move so bad.”

9. Scary.

“Pretty much any emergency room in any major city.

Spend a few days in one and see just how incredibly messed up a significant percentage of the population is.”

10. Gotta pay for everything.

“A fee to enter a hiking trail.

They wanted people to take a picture of a QR code posted in a no-reception-area, save it, and then once they return back to a place with a signal, pay a $5 fee for hiking there.

Nature is basically all I’ve got left to enjoy peacefully, and you want to tax me on that too, even when there’s no cell service and you have no way to enforce it.”

11. Well, that’s not good…

“I work in x-ray and the s**t I see people put up their a**es let’s me know the intelligence level of our society is declining.

At least the common sense part.

I just shake my head and hope they don’t have to have invasive surgery and that they learned their lesson and I don’t see them again for their sake.”

12. A sad state of affairs.

“Politicians, the corporations that sponsor (or rather, own) them, and the corporate media, are all purposefully pitting the American public against itself so it remains ignorant and distracted from the bigger issues.

That also leaves us more and more powerless to rise up and take back power from said politicians and corporations, so they can continue their corruption, and keep us all held face-down by their hooves in the name of profit.”

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