What’s Not as Dangerous as Everyone Thinks? Here’s What People Had to Say.

As a former resident of the city of Chicago (and I was just there a month ago visiting), I have to say that the Windy City’s reputation is blown way out of proportion.

Yes, there are dangerous parts of town that most of us have absolutely no business going to, and there is a lot of crime there, but the way it’s portrayed in the media and the way some people talk about Chicago, you’d think it was an apocalyptic war zone where no one ever leaves their house…and nothing could be further from the truth.

And with that, it’s time to move on to today’s discussion.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think isn’t as dangerous as everyone makes it out to be.

1. Bear country.

“Black bears.

I live in bear country. They’re afraid of everything and yet strong enough to rip my face off.

Never had an issue with them in the backcountry while camping, or at home. Coyotes will eat your pets though.”

2. Why not, huh?

“Eating raw or undercooked eggs.

You are more likely to get struck by lightning than getting sick eating them.”

3. Going nuclear.

“Nuclear power. Everyone thinks it’s much more dangerous than it is.

It has far fewer accidents than any other source like coal, natural gas, or even solar power. It has such highly engineered safeguards that it’s incredibly hard to cause an accident even if you want to.

The public is scared of nuclear energy because they don’t know anything about it and listen to all the fear mongers. The reality is it’s the safest energy source available, and is our best chance to mitigate climate change.”

4. A classic.

“I was convinced as a child that I would be lost forever in the Bermuda Triangle.

I live in the Midwest….”

5. It’s natural.


It was a r**ist smear campaign.

It’s naturally occurring and adds a ton of flavor.”

6. Livin’ and lovin’.

“The LGBTQ community.

All of us just wanna live and love y’all.

We don’t have any agenda past that.”

7. Thanks, Mom.

“Swimming right after eating.

My mother basically ruined vacations with this flawed reasoning.”

8. Not so dangerous…

“Being a police officer.

Despite the propaganda, being a cop is not all that dangerous.

Roofers and crossing guards face more danger than cops.”

9. For real.


This really shouldn’t be the case, though.

So much good science and results (e.g. polio) behind them.”

10. Stigmatized.

“The Middle East.

I’ve traveled it extensively with both of my children and we’re Jewish.

The media really wants you to believe they’re all terrorist Jew h**ers, when in reality the countries I’ve been to have been the friendliest and most hospitable.”

11. Just like any other place.

“Most foreign countries.

For the most part, people around the world just mind their own business.

Just have situational awareness and do some research before you go.”

12. I did not know that!


It’s an incredibly useful and abundant material. It’s only dangerous if the fibres become airborne. Theoretically you could sleep on a pillow made of asbestos and provided it is sealed airtight it would be completely safe.

It gets an extremely bad rep due to the careless way it was manufactured and used back in the old days, and made a lot of people very ill as a result.”

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