What’s Something From the 1990s That You Want Back? Here’s What People Said.

Boy, the 1990s were a lot of fun!

No Internet, no cell phones, good music, good movies, it was a great time to come of age!

And wouldn’t it be nice if some of those things were still around?

AskReddit users got real about what they want back from the 1990s.

Let’s check out their answers.

1. Remember those?

“Westwood Studio’s real time strategy games featuring cheesy live action videos between the levels.

I’m fine without the dial-up multiplayer though.”

2. Sounds nice.

“Software that you buy one time and you own.

I’m looking at you, Adobe.”

3. Me, too!

“I miss going to video stores and browsing.

That was a fun Friday night as a kid. Going to Blockbuster to pick out a new movie to watch.

It’s not the same getting on Netflix and spending an hour looking for something to watch to only wind up watching something you’ve already seen.”

4. Way too much these days.

“News that was only on for 30 minutes 3 times a day.

Hit me with the facts, leave out the 24 hour commentary.”

5. Can we go back?

“Anonymity when online.

I remember when we were told to never give out any personal info online ever.

Then Facebook came around and suddenly it was cool to put your whole life online.”

6. Weird times.

“All the wacky new PC accessories from when people weren’t quite sure what PCs where gonna be in the future.

How about that barcode scanner for magazines, or that device that could create scents from different chemicals, or that one horror game by Konami that would heat up the floppy disk to make the room smell like blood?”

7. Remember those?

“Music videos.

I miss watching PopUp Video. I loved the little random tidbits of info about the song/video/singer they’d put on the screen.”

8. Long gone…

“I lived in a one bedroom apartment in San Diego in the 1990s for $400 a month.

I’d like that back, please…”

9. I miss it.


It was my favorite store. Spent a lot of hours wandering Borders.

Even had a first date there once.”

10. Back in the day…

“People NOT recording every aspect of their lives.

People NOT faking s**t for the all important internet clout.

I guess the lack of social media in general I miss.”

11. Get in line!

“Being able to take an airplane flight that didn’t feel like you were a convict being processed for prison.”

12. The good, old days.

“Indoor malls.

So many have been replaced with “lifestyle centers” where everything is accessed from outside. I miss being able to go shopping on a cold/ugly day without being cold and getting wet.

And yes, I know they still exist, but they seem fewer and farther between.”

13. Rock on.

“I want more people to listen to 90’s grunge music.

They deserve a lot more attention than they get these days.”

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