What’s Something You Have Absolutely Zero Interest In? Here’s What People Said.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Jam bands and I just don’t mix…so stop asking me if I’ll go see Fluffernut Kangaroo or whatever the latest hot jam band is.

And, for the record, I’m sure they are great musicians and I totally get why folks are into bands like that, but it just ain’t happening for me.

What do you have absolutely zero interest in?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Join us…


All pyramid schemes should get stuffed.”

2. No!

“Raid: Shadow Legends.

No matter who advertises it, no matter how good they say it is, I also have absolutely no interest in the game.

There are very few mobile games I like and even then, I just don’t play them a whole lot.”

3. Had enough.

“Gender reveal parties.

We’re gonna find out soon enough.”

4. Famous for nothing.

“Celebs that are famous just because they are famous.

They never painted anything, never sing any hit songs, never competed in anything.”

5. Cringeworthy.

“Celebrity worship.

I lived in LA for a short period with a buddy of mine. When we got out there we went to see some stand up and outside of the club was Vince Vaughn.

I’ll never forget when my buddy ran up to him while he was clearly busy and went “YO VINCE!! Can I get a pic???“ Vince just said “uh, nah not right now.”

And my friend just turned around and walked back to me and it was some serious second hand cringe.”

6. Not for me.

“Personal social media.

I have no interest in people knowing me or my family or my stuff or looking at me or any of that.”

7. Ridin’ high!

“Harley-Davidson and all the logo apparel that goes with it.

I just can’t deal with it…”

8. Pretty expensive.

“Big weddings.

I find them an absolute waste of money.”

9. No interest.

“Watching sports.

I’ll play them from time to time, not very athletic, but don’t care to watch it.”

10. Yuck!

“Going clubbing.

Overpriced drinks, obnoxiously dr**k/high people, smell of ci**rettes.”

11. Sounds horrible.

“Running for any political office. Who would want to put up with all the BS?

You get your name drug thru the mud no matter how good a person you are.”

12. I’m good…

“Hustle culture.

I’m not interested in working 100 hrs a week for an outside chance of becoming a billionaire.”

13. Is this fun?


Maybe I’m a boomer, but I just don’t understand how Tiktok is fun.

I get that it has some really good talent too, but for the most part it’s bad.”

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