What’s Something Your Partner Doesn’t Know? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Uh oh…things are about to get real up in here.

Because AskReddit users were brave enough to go on the record and admit things that their partners don’t know about.

Let’s take a look.

1. The secret.

“My kid had made me a heart type thing at school and wanted to give it to me. I told him it was great but that I always get the stuff he makes from school. Instead he should put my gf’s name on it cuz she’ll love it.

He gave it to her and she melted. She’s got it on the fridge and has been showing it off for 2 weeks to friends and family. She keeps saying stuff like “It was so nice he thought of me and he spelled my name right and he’s so sweet” and on and on. It’ll just be me and his secret.”

2. Congrats.

“That I’m over 4 years sober.

You think they would have noticed, but when I started going to AA at lunch at work after a hard year of trying and failing, sobriety finally stuck. I had been sober a month and she accused me of being drunk again and that I was obviously sneaking alcohol and clearly I was hungover and that I was a loser who would never get his s**t together.

I thought, “well I won’t say anything and work on myself until even she will notice.’ So I did, I stayed sober, I got fit, I ran a marathon, I got therapy, I got treatment for what turned out to be adult ADHD that had gone undiagnosed for 51 years, I started anti-depressants and generally turned my life around.

She never noticed, and I’m regularly accused of being a lousy drunk by her. About every other week or so. I’d say it hurts, but I’m in such a better place now that I truly don’t give a s**t what a toxic person like that thinks, which makes her even more negative. I’ve stayed married to her for 26 years, but I don’t think I’ll make it much farther.”

3. Doesn’t need to know.

“That her mom called for her the moment before she d**d.

When her mom was d**ng she was in the room with her for almost 24 hours straight and left for 30 seconds and I was there and in those 30 seconds her mother d**d but not before calling for my wife.

I don’t know if it will haunt her or not, but I just don’t think it’s something she needs to know.”

4. LOL.

“That I have a folder of photos on my computer called “Places I have found my wife’s shoes” that is legitimately filled with thousands of pictures of my wife’s shoes that are neither in the closet or shoe rack

I started it years ago as a joke and it has gotten out of hand.”

5. Can’t put it into words.

“How much I actually care and appreciate her.

I can’t put it into words. I don’t speak well. I love her with everything I have. Just wish I could show it better.”

6. Freaky!

“My wife doesn’t know her kindle is connected to my Amazon account and I can see the many alien s** novels she’s read.”

7. Bless him.

“I found his Reddit account.

I was a little scared to look at first (not because I think he’s hiding anything, but we say all kinds of weird s**t when we think people aren’t looking).

It’s all cycling nonsense and one comment about he hears me fart in my sleep sometimes – even though I deny it – and thinks it’s cute. Bless him, he’s the f**king best.”

8. Keep hiding it.

“When we were dating she tickled my feet and I acted as if I wasn’t ticklish. 13 years later she will tickle them and be amazed I am not ticklish, every time it tickles.

I have to hide this forever.”

9. You got this.

“My wife is prone to nightmares and often whimpers or screams in her sleep when she has one.

I can reassure her without waking her and get her to feel safe enough that she makes happy little cooing noises while she’s still sound asleep. I’ve been doing this for her for over thirty years.”

10. You can have ’em.

“When we watch movies together we always snack. One of our favorites to munch on during the movie are the Sour Punch Bites.

She takes all the blue ones because I don’t like them and they are her favorite – always says how lucky she is that worked out like that.

The blue ones are also my favorite, but she can have them.”

11. There he is!

“He doesn’t know just how excited I get when he gets home.

I just love being around him. The dogs can hear the garage door open better than I can, so I use them as a sort of notification that “He’s here!””

12. Bed bugs.

“She’s got an intense phobia of bed bugs.

Her best friend called me to help identify and help clean after finding some bed bugs.

I’m probably never going to tell her.”

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