What’s the Best Way to Look Smart When You’re Not? Here’s What People Said.

I can’t wait to hear the responses to this question!

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So let’s hear what AskReddit users think are the best ways to look smart when you’re really not.

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1. Good tips.

“The smartest people I know aren’t embarrassed when they don’t know something.

Be inquisitive & actively want to learn.

Listen more than you talk.”

2. Confidence is key.

“If you’re trying to dazzle rubes into thinking you’re smart, use big words, speak confidently even though you have no clue, and never ever back down.

Confidence is the key, if you’re trying to convince humans that you’re good at something even if you’re not.”

3. Be genuine.

Attempting to appear smart is the first step towards failing to do so.

Instead, be genuine. Listen to understand, not to respond.

Be gracious. Compliment more than you criticize.”

4. Might work…

“Nod and occasionally say, “Hmm. I see. Interesting.”

Wear a monacle.”

5. Here you go.

“Repeat the last sentence before a longer pause signaling the end of the other side’s talk with a tone showing that you just got it and agree.

Boom! You’re smart, humble and a good listener all at the same time!

Don’t overuse it though, it’s all about that balance.”

6. You never know.

“Wear glasses.

Then take them off, cross your arms, put an end in your mouth, look up at nothing and whisper “fascinating”.”

7. Just listen.

“I generally just keep my mouth shut and don’t take sides in a debate.

Apparently if I’m never disagreeing with you then I appear to be very smart indeed.”

8. Thanks for sharing.

“I have no idea but people I know say I’m smart and act like I’m smart despite the fact I’m a dumba**.

The only reason I can figure is my parents are older so my vocabulary is out of date sometimes and my dad was a professor so I just have a number of history and art facts in my small talk repertoire. It sorta sounds like gloating to say people say I’m smart but I’m really really not trying to talk myself up.

I don’t understand a lot of things, I moslty am able to regurgitate information. It’s kinda uncomfortable cause people say I’m smart, I say I’m not, they think I’m being modest so I just have to accept a compliment I don’t deserve

I guess talk fast and know a lot of skin deep random facts. I think most people know a lot about a couple things so if you have random facts about a lot of things people think you must know a lot about all of them instead of a little about a lot of them.”

9. A little about a lot.

“Know just a little bit of a wide variety of different topics.

People often think I’m smart for it, but I don’t have any deep knowledge of anything.”

10. Only speak when necessary.

“Don’t try too hard and only talk when you have something to contribute.

I think knowing when to be quiet can be really powerful.”

11. It works.

“I legitimately wear glasses to work so people think I’m smarter.

I need them (-5/-5.5 astigmatic), but I wear contacts outside the office and could easily get laser eye surgery.

I’m a baby faced 30ish year old in a position of authority, so need all the help I can get!”

12. Good advice.

“This is the besy advice on here. Someone told me “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Live a life that seeks knowledge and skills. If someone is talking about something you dont, listen and ask questions with the purpose of learning about it.

And if you are asked a question and you dont know the answer, say “I can find that out for you.” Then, go learn the answer and get back to them.”

How do you think you can look smart…when you’re not?

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