What’s the Dumbest Idea You Had During a Stressful Situation? Let’s See What People Had to Say.

Some people thrive in stressful environments and some DO NOT AT ALL.

I think I fall into the latter category if I’m being totally honest about it…

But some people are REALLY bad when the sh*t hits the fan.

Folks on AskReddit admitted the stupidest things they ever thought of during a stressful situation. Let’s take a look!

1. Not the pizza!

“Forgot I had a pizza box in the oven and started to preheat, not my best moment.

Ran down after smelling smoke to see the box on fire. Instead of using the fire extinguisher right next to the oven, I grabbed the box… and instead of throwing it immediately in the sink behind me, I ran outside with it…

My hands were pretty much cooked 1/4 the way through for a few weeks.”

2. Maybe?

“A woman yelled, “Did you sleep with my boyfriend?” and my dumb *ss said “Who’s your boyfriend?””

3. Mommy!

“My dinner was in the oven and it caught on fire.

Instead of attempting to put out the fire, I took a picture of it and texted it to my mom for advice.

I was 39 years old.”

4. A time to cry.

“Happened to me in college. Had been up all night studying.

It was 7 am, had a chemistry exam at 815. Went to shower, came back, I’d locked myself out of my room. Could have a gone and gotten an RA.

But logically I sat down naked, wet, only in a towel and cried.”

5. Hey, it’s cool.

“During the initial stage of an anaphylactic shock from my nut allergy, I didn’t want to kill the vibe of the party I was at, so I told my friends I wasn’t feeling well and left.

Everyone tried to help but I insisted I was just tired.

Called 911 about 2 mins on my walk back home when I realized it was a much worse reaction that practically paralyzed me on the sidewalk.”

6. Did it work?

“My hair was getting long, hard to manage, I was also just stressed in general about school.

For some reason I associated these two things and thought getting my head shaved was the answer to all my problems.

I actually went ahead with it.”

7. Not a good idea.

“I was once in a fight. The guy ran at me to tackle me and I put him in a headlock and fell backwards. So, my back was on the ground with him in a head lock.

A huge crowd was around us. I knew if I let him go, he’d have the advantage being I was on my back. So, I started just talking to the crowd, giving a commentary, and making jokes.

It just made him super mad and go into a savage state. I learned never hold a guy in a headlock that has a free hand.”

8. Don’t do that.

“Was having a panic attack.

Tried to calm myself with some whisky.

Turns out taking a depressant to relieve anxiety only makes your anxiety worse.”

9. This is amazing.

“When I was a youngster this guy and I broke out of of jury during the night. I suggested we go to this park where there are usually people smoking weed.

Nobody was there. Just 3 dudes off to the side. We went over to talk to them and after a bit we ended up snorting heroin for the first time. We both got really sick. Vomiting every 5 min. We were both in such bad shape with nowhere to go, we figured we only had one choice.

We broke back into juvy. Never got caught.”

10. Scary.

“On my very first backpacking trip, we had a bear encounter just as we were eating supper.

There were two small cubs coming toward our campsite, when we heard mama bear crashing through the brush toward us. My (now ex-)boyfriend and I were sharing a rehydrated meal, and eating it straight from the pouch, instead of splitting it into two bowls, because I couldn’t be bothered washing the bowls.

Anyway, I’ve had the saying, “A fed bear is a dead bear,” drilled into me from a young age, and I’ve always been really good about not leaving food out where bears or other wildlife might get it. So, as I was starting to freak out about this ginormous, pi*sed off mama bear lumbering toward me.

I thought I’d better make sure she didn’t get any of our food, so I quickly started shoveling the rest of that meal in my mouth and swallowing as fast as I could.

My ex and I are still good friends, and to this day he still makes fun of me for how quickly I stuffed almost two full servings of Mountain House teriyaki chicken and rice down my throat because I was afraid the bear would eat it.”


“When I was in high school we had to complete a notebook full of work and get it graded. It was time to hand them in and my friend wrote PENIS on the front cover!

I panicked and wrote an S in front of it to spell out SPENIS. I’m glad my teacher had a good sense of humor.”

12. Dynamic duo.

“My kitten started choking and my family didn’t know what to do.

I said “should we do mouth to mouth?” and my dad leaned forward to do it but then stopped and realized that you don’t do that on a choking person.

So at least I wasn’t alone in my stupidity.”

13. Fire!

“When I was a kid I was playing with matches in my room. I started a small fire and began to panic.

My solution?

Direct the air from my fan towards the fire to blow it out. You can imagine how that went…”

Have you ever had a really bad idea during a stressful moment?

If so, we want you to tell us about it in the comments.

Please and thank you!