What’s the Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Said to You? Here’s How People Responded.

I’m really trying to rack my brain about the stupidest thing someone has ever said to me and I gotta say that it’s pretty hard to narrow it down because there are so many qualified candidates.

I guess I’m just blessed…

Are you ready to meet some dummies?

Let’s dig in to some stories from AskReddit users.

1. Well, that’s odd…

“I work in a Government building, one day one of my college educated coworkers asked why there are doctors in the building moving furniture.

Having no clue what she was talking about I asked and she said you know all the guys in scrubs with DOC on the back.

We had hired prisoners to help clear the offices for renovation. DOC was for Department of Correction.”

2. Shocked.

“I was staying at a homestay/language center in South Korea last summer.

I was hanging around with some people and were chatting in English. One lovely lady, with all seriousness, said straight to my face that I don’t look like I’d speak English.

I mean…I’m ethnic Chinese and hold an ASEAN passport but English is a lingua franca like WE LEARN ENGLISH OVER HERE OKAY?

Anyway, sorry for surprising/shocking/amazing/disappointing you?”

3. Not really.

“I’m Jewish and while talking to someone about Hannukah, they said “Oh, that’s the Jewish Christmas.”

Ummm, no.”

4. It’s not fair!

“A student of mine wrote in the class evaluation: “One teacher doesn’t accept wrong answers.”

Still haunts me to this day….”

5. History buff.

“Guy online insisted the millions dead during WWII died only of Typhus.

I pointed out that guards would have died too, plus we had eyewitness accounts and testimony under oath from those who had “gassed” prisoners.

He refused to believe it.”

6. Oh, that’s why?

“I didn’t hear it, but apparently a kid in my social studies test said that Africans came here from Africa because it was better for people and they needed help.

My teacher literally called him an idiot. I’m talking about the slave trade, guys.”


“Someone in my 8th grade honors science asked the teacher “If we had 86 chromosomes, would we be a duck?”

The teacher and the rest of the class had a good laugh on that one.”

8. Only three states.

“A Puerto Rican girl friend of mine (living in the Bronx at the time) once said, in a group discussion about the different states we had visited, that she had only been to 3 states: New York, New Jersey, and upstate New York. (wait, what???)”

9. When’s Christmas?

“Back around the mid 1990s, when the internet was becoming common in homes, I used to chat in chat rooms.

I chatted to a girl who was about 20 at the time, from the US (me being in Australia.). She was talking about the heat, and I said it was winter here. I said our seasons were the opposite of the US.

So she says “So it’s summer in December there?”, I say yes, then she asks, in all seriousness, “Well when do you have Christmas, then?”.

Definitely the dumbest thing I’ve been asked, and still remember it 20 odd years later.”

10. Makes sense.

“I was in 5th grade and this kid sad that Jesus and Santa Claus are actually brothers but Santa left His family and did drugs.”

11. We need to talk.

“We went to Colorado and my brother back in Maryland, where it was fall, asked if it was summer in Colorado.”

12. That’s all it took.

“That apes evolved into humans when they learned to cook.”

13. You need some new friends.

“I have a friend who pretends to be rich, and once I told her about how I sometimes get bored of watching TV and she said, “well go outside and play on your go-carts, DUH. Oh yeah, you don’t have go-carts.”

Another time another friend (who was not very nice) told me I shouldn’t have given her a gift because I used it before. I said I was sorry to avoid an argument because she was always fighting with me, but I still want that thing back!”

14. Jeez.

“In the military, I had over a year of training in my highly technical field.

At my first duty station, I was sent to the Top Sergeants’ office and told since I was female, I would be working there, typing up documents. I replied that I couldn’t type, but I could repair the typewriter since I was trained in electronics repair.

They sent me back to the shop and got a trained office clerk.”

How about you?

What’s the stupidest thing that someone has ever said to you?

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