What’s the Dumbest Thing Someone Ever Said to You? Here’s What People Said.

If you spend a lot of time around people, you realize that a lot of them are…kind of dumb.

It’s true!

Hey, I just report the news, don’t get mad at me…

Take a look at what AskReddit users said are the dumbest things people ever said to them.

1. Not buying it.

“I have a “friend” who doesn’t believe many things if he hasn’t experienced them himself. Ex: He told me he doesn’t believe allergies are real.

I asked why not? He replied, “Well I’ve never had them. It’s all in people’s minds.””

2. No big deal.

“He thought natural disasters were no big deal, and were over hyped by the media. At one point we were having a company lunch (all local store management and the DM went to lunch at a restaurant) the TV over the bar had the news on and they were talking about the hurricane that was about to make landfall in Florida (might have been Texas).

He proceeds to go on a rant about how hurricanes are no big deal, it’s just some heavy rain, and all these people being evacuated and relocated were just people using it as an excuse to move on the government’s dime. When asked how he can think that he responds by saying you don’t see him trying to move every time there’s a hurricane

This dude lives in Kansas City.”

3. History buff.

“From a guy I was working with;

“Hitler could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he just would have put all those Jews on the Titanic.”

I felt like I was having a stroke.”

4. Let’s hope so.

“Had a guy I was working construction with say “I hope the sun comes up on that side today” pointing west “because yesterday it came up on this side and it was so hot” with us being on the east side of the building.

Yeah, that’s not how the sun works.”

5. Whatever you say.

“IT work a few years back.

Had a director blow up after day two of trying to resolve a complex firewall issue that was affecting the finance department receiving invoices.

And I quote: “STOP trying to figure out what the problem is and JUST FIX IT !!!””

6. Wait, it doesn’t?

“That the Golden Gate Bridge connects North-America and Europe.

Yeah…don’t even ask…”

7. Try walking.

“I work in the restaurant industry. I was refilling items on the breakfast buffet, And this lady walks up to me and blurts out “I want some of that” and points.

Keep in mind this is during Covid and I don’t want to directly be placing food onto peoples plates. And we don’t usually do this anyway. So I give her a polite response like oh yeah its really good today. And she then asks me “how do I get the stuff over there.”

I just look at her and say “walk around the buffet”. You really see the dumbest people in the services industry.”

8. Totally!

““You shouldn’t drink carbonated water, it’s full of carbs!”

I’m rarely at a loss for words but I almost lost brain cells when I heard that.”

9. Family tree.

“My friend’s girlfriend thought JFK was OJ Simpson’s dad.


10. I don’t think so.

“I was told that if I did some breathing exercises for six months and then checked my blood sugar my T1 diabetes would just disappear.”

11. Already happened.

“A work colleague once asked whether any of those ancient prophecies about the end of the world actually came true.”

12. Way up there.

“A friend of mine asked me why we didn’t see stars when we flew over them.

She truly believed that when you were flying on an airplane , you flew over the stars.

I was speechless.”

What’s the dumbest thing someone ever said to you?

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