What’s the Most Messed-Up Thing Someone Casually Said to You? People Shared Their Stories.

People can be so godd**n rude sometimes.

They blurt out things casually that can really hurt other people and I’m tired of it!

What’s the most messed-up thing that someone casually said to you?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. Gross.

“I had a miscarriage where the baby was “absorbed” and all that was left in the uterus was the gestational sac.

I got pregnant again and when I told my neighbor she said, “So are you actually pregnant this time?”

Yes, a**hole. I am pregnant this time and I was actually pregnant last time.

Unfortunately I just said yes and went in the house.”

2. Awful.

“My mom d**d of cancer when I was 2.

When I was roughly 6, my older siblings told me that my mom and I were playing in the front yard and I kicked a ball into the road and when she went to get it she got hit by a garbage truck and that’s how she d**d.

I didn’t find out the truth til a few years later. Odd that I have 0 relationship with my family now.”

3. Inappropriate.

“I stretched in class, sitting in the front seat, and my teacher clapped and said “and that’s why I put you types of girls upfront” I was in 6th grade.

He was fired the next year for watching p**n in class, along with countless complains from other girls along with their parents. Mr B, I hope you are living a lonely life, f**king perv.”

4. Weirdo.

“My mom once told me that the renovation/expansion of the volunteer fire department down the road from her would lower the property value of her house because volunteer firefighters are p**ophiles.

No, I don’t have any idea where that came from.”

5. Not cool.

“It hurt a lot when my mom would get d**nk and cry to me that she wishes I had passed away instead of my father.

It hurt a lot more when she said it offhandedly and sober though.

I’m okay now, but f**k, man. I was seven. I didn’t deserve that s**t.”

6. Thanks…

“People don’t take me seriously because I’m pretty.

You’re so lucky not to have that problem.”

7. Showed her.

“My ex-wife, ” Everyone h**es you, they can’t stand being around you”.

Never could figure out why she said that.

30 years later, I’m still friends with the people that supposedly h**ed me.”

8. Creep.

“”You got r**ed by a senior? Really? …Did you like it?”

Hard to beat that one. I was 14. The whole school knew because a guidance counselor told a group of “my friends” so they could “support me”.

That was asked by a random student in a busy hallway.”

9. Disgusting.

“Middle of a grocery store.

I’m 18 or 19. A man 50+ years old walks up to me, puts his arm around my shoulders, stares down at my breasts, and says, “D**n, girl, can you see your feet?””

10. Hmmm…

“I had a dentist say that I “needed to work on that for when I had a boyfriend” when I was gagging during whatever the hell he was doing. I think I was 11?

I did not understand it at all until I was much older and saw like the second episode of Glee where a gag reflex comment is made.

I asked my mum about it and she explained and I was like “ohhh… Ohhh is that why (dentist) said this?” She was not thrilled that I’d waited so long to tell her.”

11. Total jerks.

“Several years after high school a car full of old classmates pulled up next to me, shouted “HEY [name], STILL F**KIN’ UGLY HUH?” then sped off again.

I don’t know why they remembered my name, I never talked to them. Needless to say that wasn’t great for the ol self esteem.”

12. Classy.

“My boyfriend’s grandfather said twice (!) that he would rather like to see me in a Bikini than normal clothes.

For context: we just spent a family afternoon at the pool where I was wearing a Bikini.”

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