What’s the Scariest Thing Mankind Has Ever Created? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I think I gotta go with nuclear weapons on this one…

I mean, what could be scarier than mutually assured destruction, right?

But I’m sure there are plenty of things that I didn’t think of…

What’s the scariest thing mankind has ever created?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Frightening.

“The most terrifying inventions are biological weapons. You can’t see them and you d** horribly.

In the best case you d** within minutes in the worst it can take hours or days. Or you don’t d** and there are permanent damages to you.”

2. Okay…

“I used to think bio weapons couldn’t be that worse than a nuclear armageddon, but the idea of botulinum toxin being produced by phytoplankton is indeed far more terrifying.”

3. Yes.


What the f**k were those furry spawns of Satan?

I swear if you took the batteries out the monstrous little b**tards would keep talking, fueled only by the eternal souls of the da**ed.”

4. Dangerous.

“Adversarial thinking.

The idea that “we are right and they are wrong.”

This is how every war begins.”

5. Plastics.

“Pretty much everything made out of plastic eventually becomes microplastics in the environment, and recycling is mostly a sham.

As good a material as plastic is for many applications, it really never was very sustainable.”

6. Boom.


The person who created it had no idea what the implications would be in the long term as far as advancement in weaponry and was very despondent about the whole thing.”

7. All about growth.

“An economic system which prioritizes growth over everything else, completely disregarding people’s happiness, health, and the overall sustainability of the planet.”

8. Well, there’s that…

“The idea that your personal opinion and freedom is more valuable than the continued existence and progress of humanity.”

9. AI.

“Artificial Intelligence.

Just like Elon Musk said “AI is more dangerous than any nuke” AI isn’t that dangerous yet but it will eventually. For example AI and bots that are being used in Minecraft.

They started off simple but now they can hunt down players, fight, and beat the game better than any humans can, how long will it take until AI can do the same thing. Imagine a bulletproof 8 foot tall robot that thinks for itself and can lift 10x as much as Olympic body builders.

They have already made AI that can learn and improve itself. AI is some scary s**t.”

10. A real headscratcher.

“The fear of certain sciences.

You go talk to some people nowadays and they are terrified of vaccines, because they don’t think it’s safe for one reason or another.

They don’t trust scientists, who have studied for a decade or more to ensure they are able to provide factual information.”

11. Yikes.

“A weaponized virus that we dont even know about yet.

Or possibly the human/animal hybrid that we all know has been attempted somewhere.”

12. Pretty scary.

“Social media and the internet.

In 20 years it’s done more damage to the fabric of social discord and interaction than pretty much anything else I can think of. I think people underestimate how damaging a fractured society or leadership is compared to tangible threats like nuclear weapons and war.

People dismiss history and then ask why empires fall. Then someone has to inform them that most empires fell because a degradation of the underlying society’s cohesion and/or the ending of a common bond (de**h of a unifying leader, lack of collective purpose, etc.).”

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