I’m a sucker for scary stories and I always have been.

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And we’re about to get a heaping helping of scary tales…I hope you’re ready.

AskReddit users went on the record and shared the scariest true stories they know.

1. Hoem alone.

“Lived with 3 other girls sophomore year of college. All 3 took off early for spring break, leaving me alone in the house.

First night alone, I heard someone bang on my front door at 2am. Then I hear more knocks at the back door. A man yells “Boulder police, open the door!” When I didn’t, I heard body slams against both doors. Soon I hear “little girl, open the door, we know you’re alone.”

At this point I’m so scared I keep accidentally dialing 611 instead of 911. When I eventually do get the police, cars roll up (thankfully) just minutes later. Officers have 4 boys from our school hockey team face down on the grass.

I had to file restringing orders against them and the kicker – one lived across the street from me and we’d never spoken a single word before then.”

2. Have you heard this one?

“The Reyna Marroquin story.

A young lady had an affair with her boss in the 1960s, got pregnant. After threatening to tell her boss’ wife, she was killed by her boss who then put her body in an industrial barrel. He hid the barrel in his house for years and none of the various owners opened it due to the weight.

Finally one guy decided to dispose of it in the 90s and when he opened it he saw it contained something. An investigation traced the barrel and girl back to the man who then killed himself before police could come arrest him after confirming he was the father of the unborn baby via DNA.

The lady’s mother was in her late 80s when she was told her missing daughter was finally found. She claims that she had been having dreams about her daughter being inside a metal container for years after she had gone missing.”

3. Pulled over.

“My mom’s best friend was driving home from work one night when she got pulled over from a police officer. She had no idea why, but figured it could be a tail light or something, so she pulled over.

When the officer approached, he confirmed to her that her tail light was out, and asked for license and registration, so she gave it to him and he disappeared to his car for awhile.

Later, when he came back, he started asking her weirder and weirder questions. They started regularly, “Where are you going, where did you come from?”, but then they started getting personal. “Do you have a husband at home? Any children? Any weapons? Any daughters? Any aggressive pets?”

Once he started getting personal, she told him that it was inappropriate to be asking these questions. Then he started getting aggressive. “I’m a f*cking cop! Do you know what that means?!?! It means you shut the f*ck up and do what I say. Step out of the car.”

Obviously she was pretty scared at this point. She rolled up the window and started looking through her purse for her phone. At this point, the officer was straight up violent. He was pounding on her window and trying her door yelling crazy sh*t. “Get out of the f*cking car you b*tch! You dirty f*cking slut I said out!”

So, in a full blown panic, she stepped on the gas and drove away. A chase occurred for a short while, but the cop quickly stopped following her as she got closer to the main road. She then called 911, where she learned that there was no officers that were supposed to be in that location.

In the coming days it turned out that there was a r*pist who was posing as a cop in that area. She never even had a broken tail light. But he had her address, her personal info, and even knew about her husband and daughter.

She told him she didn’t own weapons, so she immediately purchased a pistol. Unfortunately she was forced to live in fear for a while until they caught the man.”

4. Domestic violence.

“I use to be in the Police and this story is burned into my head, probably for the rest of my life. Got called out to a caravan park, lady could be heard screaming in one of the caravans the whole day but we only got a call that night.

I turned up to the address with my partner and a huge friendly man comes to the door. He was towering over me and completely blocked the entrance to the caravan so I couldn’t see past him. I said to him there had been complaints of a woman screaming from this address and he told me that his mrs and him had been arguing about something getting stolen from outside their caravan which was her fault – bullsh*t story. He was the friendliest man and so nice to deal with.

Unfortunately I wasn’t going to leave without checking on the female as we have to make sure all parties are safe before leaving. He was hesitant at first but then moves out of the doorway and I see her sitting on the bed covered head to toe in clothing and huge sunglasses, which was odd because it was night time – possibility of drugs but I doubted it.

I asked if she was ok and she nodded her head, she wouldn’t remove her glasses for me and I wasn’t allowed to make her. So I gave them a warning about the arguing and told them to keep it down.

I was still unhappy with the situation as I didn’t have enough evidence to make an arrest so I decided to go next door and ask if they had seen anything. The neighbours told me the woman is covered in bruises and I need to get her to safety. They agreed to be a witness and make statements so I was happy with the evidence for an arrest.

I go back to the caravan and arrest the man and put him in the back of my car. I then go over to the woman who immediately collapsed when standing up. We help her back onto the bed and she starts removing the clothes and glasses. She’s covered in bruises, he face is swollen with black eyes. She has fresh blow-torch burns to her legs and stomach. Huge holes all over her body from a screwdriver that were infected. I’ve never seen anything like it.

That woman was tied up in that stupid little f*cking caravan for weeks being tortured for every minute she was awake.

The thing that got me though was how nice this monster of a human was. You just don’t know anything about anyone until it’s too late. We put this f*cker away for life without bail. We got her help, a new place to live in a recovery house for domestic violence victims and she’s doing well.

The saddest part of this whole story.. the female is still in love with him and asks if she will ever see him again. Brainwashed.”

5. In the ’70s…

“Back in the 1970s, some friends and I planned a camping trip to northern Cali for a long weekend.

We packed up and headed north on the highway. Somewhere around Bakersfield we picked up a hitchhiker headed to Kernville, who we dropped off before heading further north.

So we get to our campsite and start getting things set up, my GF finds a note tucked into the top of her backpack. It read, “I could have killed all of you”.

None of us slept that night.”

6. Mommy and Daddy.

“A few years ago, I worked at a bar near a forested area.

One day, it was like 10 pm and some random kid comes running in screaming and saying “MY MOMMY AND DADDY ARE TRYING TO KILL ME”. Shortly after, a woman and a man enter the bar, presumably his parents. They ask me if I saw where their son went.

I said no and they exit, muttering to themselves. I call the police and they come like 13 minutes later. They search the area for the parents and take the kid with them, and that’s all I remember.

7. Ugh!

“I was living in a sorority house with 20 other women.

The house was super old and was in terrible condition. The basement had items from residents that lived there years prior, but never took their stuff. A guy was living in the basement for who knows how long. He was smart to pick our house. There were so many people that we would not notice things looking out of place because we assumed one of the women in the house just moved it/took it/ate it.

One day, a girl was doing her laundry in the basement and she noticed a bed setup behind the piles of cr*p people left. Then she noticed the man. He said he was dating one of the girls and was just drunk and got mixed up and landed up in the basement accidentally.

Anyways, she called campus police and they came to investigate and told us that he had probably been down there for a while and he was using the basement door to get in and out of the house. I don’t remember if they caught him. This was about 10 years ago so I don’t remember all the details, but it was scary.”

8. Very scary.

“I was robbed at gunpoint in front of my house. He had the gun pressed into the back of my head.

He took my money and jewelry and took off. He was arrested an hour later.”

9. Dodged a major bullet.

“Back when I was a lot stupider than I am now, I briefly dated a guy a work friend had introduced me to.

We enjoyed each other’s company, and ended up in bed (and honestly, it was some of the best s*x I’d ever had). A couple days later, he calls my job, and leaves a message with the receptionist — “I want nothing to do with you, leave me alone, and never call me again.” Which was weird, since I never did call him, but I figured oh, well… his loss.

A couple weeks later, police found a girl stuffed in a well the next town over. She’d been beheaded.

Not long after that, they arrested the guy I had dated oh-so briefly. He pleaded guilty. His reason for killing her? She wouldn’t sleep with him…”

10. Time to find a new place.

“A friend moved to Argentina a few years ago to teach for one year.

She decided to save money by renting the cheapest place she could find. Turns out the cheapest place in Buenos Aires is also the most dangerous. On the first day there she looks out the window just as a guy runs up to another guy on the street and shoots him in the head before running off.

She found a new place the next day.”

11. Awful.

“My baby’s crib caught fire in the middle of the night. Some people’s literal worst nightmare.

My baby was in it and he was severely burnt and spent a month intubated and in a medically-induced coma. He is 5 now and is ok though!

The fire was a freak accident. His humidifier caught fire, smoldered for a little while and drained the oxygen in the room before the smoke alarm went off. When we opened the door to his room if flooded with oxygen creating a backdraft and launched a fireball at his crib.”

12. Keep driving.

“This happened to my wife’s friend.

So one evening she was driving home from work in a quiet area when an unmarked police car speed up behind her and started flashing his blues and signalling for her to pull over. To this day she doesn’t know why but felt something wasn’t right. After a call to her boyfriend he gave her a contact number for our local police station.

She rang the number and asked about an unmarked police car wanting to pull her over. The person on the phone did a quick check (or possibly contacted a dispatcher i dont remember). What they told her was “to keep driving but stay calm.”.

Within a few minutes 4 marked cars came speeding up behind and before she knew what was happening boxed the unmarked car in and forced it to stop. The dispatcher told her to drive around the corner and stop.

As it turned out this guy was being hunted by police for pretending to be an officer to get young women to pull over where he at gun point r*pes them.’

13. Trafficking.

“One of my friends was drugged by a “nice seeming” girl at a bar that tried to s*x traffic her.

The girl got her an uber to an address she didn’t know under the guise of “get my drunk friend home” but she woke up on the way and told the driver she didn’t know where they were going. They called the cops, apparently that wasn’t the first time that week they’d heard the same story and they recognized the address as one they were already tracking.

If she hadn’t woken up on the way she might have been trafficked by now. Apparently they use younger, safe seeming girls to do the collecting a lot of the time..”

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