What’s the Silliest Controversy of the Last Ten Years? People Shared Their Thoughts.

People get so totally outraged these days over pretty much NOTHING.

And some of these things that people get worked up about don’t even exist but are manufactured as conspiracy theories.

Spend a few minutes on social media and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

And now on to today’s conversation!

What’s the silliest controversy of the last ten years?

Check out how AskReddit users answered that question.


“That the Sandy Hook Massacre was fake.

I remember when this was in the news at the time, my manager was going off about how the ambulances on tv were all blocked in, so therefore it must be fake.

I was shocked, but that was always a tactless moron. Then the conspiracy continued to grow and gain more acceptance.

I think that’s when I really lost faith in modern American culture. We’re being overrun by cruel, bitter idiots. Or maybe we always have been.”

Didn’t see that coming.

“Covid vaccine makes you magnetic.

My thoughts:

That’s pretty cool I would like to be magnetic

You’re not magnetic, you’re just sticky. Take a f**king shower.”

Remember that?

“The Obama Tan Suit controversy is up there for me.

For an entire week, conservative news outlets were melting down because the president wore a tan suit on TV.

It really goes to show how little Americans had to be upset about in 2014. It was a golden era.”

People are dumb.


It’s so strange to me that 4chan produced such a widely accepted conspiracy theory. The top of the page says “The stories and information found here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.

Only a fool would take anything found here as fact.” Yet people falling for Qanon bulls**t accept that 4chan is some bastion of truth.”

Major eye roll.

“In the last few months a ton of videos/media posts have gone up showing people in Walmart/target or some other store then when the receipt checker asks to see their receipt the camera man gets all angry and hostile saying things like “I don’t need to show it to you” “I have rights” “I can do whatever I want”.

These people are straight up just harassing the workers for doing their job when In reality it probably took you more time to record that video than it would’ve to just show them the receipt what’s so hard about showing them the receipt?”


“Flat Earth stuff.

I thought people were just arguing for it for the memes til I met a Flat Earther.”


“That the 2020 election was stolen.

No amount of losing can stop these people. Lost the election, lost every law suit ever filed, lost their sad attempt at a coup, and now they’re still listening to pillow tycoon with hard drives full of gibberish that he claims can prove them right after all.”



A woman made a game that got decent reviews from some sites, but it was to “woke” for the 4chan neckbeard crowd which led to harassments, threats, etc against her.

Then her boyfriend got upset she left him and falsely accused her of trading se**for reviews on the game. Led to her nudes getting leaked and all kinds of nasty stuff.”

Across the pond.

“In Northern Ireland, hardline unionists are vehemently opposed to the Irish language (Gaelic) and traditional Irish sports like Gaelic football and Hurling getting any form of recognition or representation in unionist communities.

Irish language on road signs? Forget about it, but the weirdos fail to remember that Scotland and Wales have such signs in both English and their native languages and perhaps very few unionists there see the native language representation as a threat to their identity.

NI unionists are a different breed.”

Good timing.

“Trans people have been known about for over 50 years, but now all of a sudden it’s a huge issue.

Right about the same time working class people are reaching a breaking point over stagnant wages and skyrocketing costs of living.

Funny, isn’t it?”

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