It’s never an easy task to clean out the belongings of a person who has passed on to the other side.

And it’s REALLY not easy when you find things you didn’t want to find.

But hey, we’re all weird in our own way and we all have our secrets…so let’s try not to be too judgmental, okay?

People on AskReddit shared stories about the things they found when they cleaned out the home of a person who passed away.

Let’s take a look.

1. There they are!

“A box labeled, “pens that don’t work”, full of pens that didn’t work.

I guess if Pop Pop ever needed a pen that didn’t work- he would know right where to find one.”

2. Jackpot.

“A friend of mine (47 when he passed) had every closet in his house filled with vintage clothing because he was planning on opening a used clothing store.

He had over four thousand items that were sorted by style, size, color, etc.

Nobody had a clue he had been procuring clothing for what must’ve been years.”

3. Family secret.

“My dad d**d suddenly and my mum and I were going through his old pictures when we stumbled upon an old photo (from like the early 80s) of a woman holding a little boy smiling.

My mum and I didn’t know who they were so we called my big sister (my dad’s daughter from his first marriage) and she said “oh that’s Brian. The son dad gave up for adoption when he was a teenager.”

Turns out my dad had (maybe) gotten his girlfriend pregnant when he was 16/17 and they gave him up for adoption. In the 20 years my folks were together Dad never told Mum (or me) about Brian because he wasn’t sure if Brian was actually his in the first place.”

4. That’s odd.

“We cleaned my grandpa’s house . You know what we found all over the place?


Raw onions everywhere.

In the bathroom,
upstairs, next to the cleaning supplies. Their layers were poppin off, dry all over the place.

No, my grandpa was not Shrek.”

5. Go ahead and keep it.

“My dad and my uncle were tasked with cleaning out my great-grandma’s house when she moved into an assisted living facility (and the story of her d**th is…morbidly funny but also sad).

They found some typed recollections of a roadtrip through Scotland she and her sister took, where she got waited on in a cafe by a ‘very nice young man’, which we think was her way of saying he was gay. Then my uncle gestured to me and said ‘[MightyMeerkat97], I know you’re interested in family history, so I was thinking you’d like this!’ and handed me an old bottle.

Inside is what looks like a small grey pebble that has partially dissolved into dust. It is labelled ‘John’s Appendix. 1907’. It turns out my great-granddad was one of the first British recipients of an appendectomy when he was young, and they let him keep the appendix.”

6. Hit list?

“He had a list of 100 names, 87 of which were crossed off with red ink.

To this day, we don’t know how he was connected to them or what it meant.”

7. Grandpa!

“Found my grandpa’s stash box with a setup for her**n, and an antique vibrator (like made of brass, wish I had a pic).

I mean, I knew grandpa used to party, but d**n.”

8. Money everywhere.

“My grandma was a child of the depression, and as such didn’t trust banks. She lived alone for years and towards the end started developing dementia. When she had to be moved for care we found ziploc baggies with thousands of dollars hidden all over the house. In the deep freeze, taped the back of furniture and underneath tables, in the backs of the toilet, etc.

Her house was sold to placate medicaid and the people who bought it were her long-term neighbors who loved her very much. They called another 5 or so times when they found even more money in the floor, the cellar, the shed. I believe there is probably still money hidden that we’ll never know about.

She spent her last years on social security, budgeting every dime and all the while was sitting on a small fortune. Thankfully medicaid didn’t know about her stash, so the family got to keep it all.”

9. Awesome.

“We found out my grandfather was a ambulance driver/medic in Bastogne during the Battle if the Bulge.

We found his dog tags, orders, pictures and everything. He had always claimed he was in the army but stayed in California.

He never talked to anyone about it, not his wife, his brothers, his children. When he passed away in 1992 two old vets showed up and talked about him saving their life.”

10. Pretty sad.

“Grandma had a bunch of burnt pots and pans in her closet.

She was trying to hide the fact she was going senile and didn’t know if it was okay to just throw them in the trash.”

11. Historical record.

“My Grandmother.

Growing up on a North Carolina farm, she was able to take French in high school because my great grandparents insisted on it being available in the local school.

She had a pen pal in France who was about the same age.

She had a series of letters from her pen pal, with the very last one saying “they say that the N**is are almost here”.”

12. Creepy.

“My mom and Dad and I were clearing out my grandad’s place when I found his collection of shrunken heads he had acquired when he was in the Merchant Navy in an old box under his bed.”

How about you?

Have you ever found any weird stuff while cleaning out a place after someone passed away?

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