What’s the Worst Part of Depression? Here’s What People Had to Say.

If you’ve never had to deal with depression before, consider yourself lucky.

It affects everyone differently, but there’s no denying that it’s difficult no matter who you are.

Take a look at what AskReddit users said are the worst parts of depression.

1. No help available.

“How insanely hard it is to get help. You have to advocate for yourself a lot and you just can’t even.

If your doctor is dismissive of your concerns, you have to make her listen. If your therapist isn’t a good fit you have to try to find another one at a time when picking up the phone to order a pizza is even too much.

Don’t have insurance and can’t afford a therapist? Maybe you can get a job with better insurance with all that energy that you don’t have.

It’s like your leg is broken and you have to climb a mountain to get to the hospital to get it fixed.”

2. Heavy stuff.

“Everything becomes heavier.

Every single thing.”

3. Slow motion.

“It’s like you’re covered in tar or something. Even your tongue, it’s hard to talk. Everything is in slow motion. Even taking a shower is exhausting.

I only want to sleep, I call it hibernation. At least when I’m manic I have medicine I can take to calm it down a notch but I have nothing in my arsenal for a depression.

Currently having a hard time.”

4. Always guilty.

“The guilt.

Guilt over not getting things done. Guilt because I feel like I’m letting others down.

Guilt for not being fully present for the people I love.”

5. Everyday life.

“When being s**cidal stops being scary and starts being just another part of life.

I should eat something, I want to d**, I need to take a shower, I should go for a walk, I wonder whether I could jump in front of a car, I need to do the dishes, that new show looks fun, I should stab myself with a kitchen knife.

At some point, it gets hard to remember a life without depression is even possible.”

6. What does the future hold?

“Job interviews become interesting.

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

“Hard to say, didn’t think I’d live this long to begin with.”


“Oh, I mean sales manager. I’ll be a sales manager in five years.””

7. Who am I?

“The complete loss of who you are. You remember having a personality, hobbies, pretty much any desire to do anything. And then it’s just gone.

You don’t want to talk to anyone, you don’t even want to get up and use the bathroom. You could lay in bed for hours and not even notice because your brain has just completely and totally shut down on you.

It is isolating and exhausting to experience, and all the while you’re blaming yourself for being so useless and pathetic.

You literally just lose yourself.”

8. No motivation.

“Lack of motivation to do things like wash and brush your teeth, which just makes you more depressed.

A vicious cycle, if you will.”

9. The cycle.

“It can be self sustaining. You feel depressed so you withdraw.

Withdrawing makes you feel depressed. Can get stuck in a never-ending cycle.”

10. No interests.

“Not being interested in anything. Nothing grabs your attention.

Everything is boring, but you know it would probably be good for you to do it, but it’s just too big a mountain to climb, being interested.”

11. Can’t do anything.

“The awareness of how much you’re not doing.

I know I’m neglecting the dishes and laundry and work, but that knowledge doesn’t help me summon the motivation to actually fix that and start doing ‘normal’ stuff again.

In fact, it often sets off a spiral of self-criticism which feels even worse.”

12. Doing nothing.

“The time you waste just doing.. nothing.

The time you’re not spending wot your loved ones, time you’re not pursuing you passions, not enjoying the short time you have on earth, because you just can’t…”

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