What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done? People Shared Their Stories.

It’s not easy to look in the mirror and admit your mistakes.

But sometimes in life, it helps you get past those painful incidents.

Take a look at what AskReddit users had to say about the worst things they’ve ever done in their lives.

1. Blacked out.

“I woke up from a blackout d**nk in a bathroom of a house I’ve never been in before.

It was a model home a few miles from my apartment at the time. I staggered back home sometime around 4 am.

Oh, it was also my birthday and I was alone those few days.”

2. Thief.

“I stole a laptop from my old job.

It was a brand new MacBook that they ordered one too many of and just sat in a closet for the 3 years I worked for this huge corporation. I was IT so I knew how and had the ability to wipe it from all the records.

I feel kinda bad about it cause it’s worth a lot so a felony theft but they really didn’t even know it existed and I needed a computer. I chalk it up to all the unpaid OT I worked to make me feel better (I could only hit 40 by contract and some jobs required more than that per week).”

3. Revenge.

“This is a story of revenge. I’ve never told it before. It’s f**ked up, but I still think I was justified…

Many years ago I lived in Japan, where the English school business is a big business. A good friend of mine had put years of work into developing his own curriculum, I was his head teacher and helped develop several original, educational textbooks for kids. He was ready to launch his school, but he needed financial backing because trying to incorporate in Japan, as a foreigner is close to impossible.

He found a local business man to help finance the operation. My friend put down $50,000 and the local business man put down $51,000 giving him controlling share.

I’m not sure exactly what happened. All I know is at the local business man basically pulled out at the last minute and stole the 50,000 from my friend and there was nothing my friend could do. This local business man then decided to open up the school entirely on his own and cut my friend out using the material I had designed.

This local businessman had never met me and didn’t know that I existed so my friend suggested that I reply to his advertisement in the newspaper, looking for a head teacher and try to get hired so we could bring the school down from the inside.

I did, and I was hired as the head teacher, and was put in charge of setting up all the classrooms, getting all the supplementary books, all of the toys / games, setting up the class schedules and even setting up all the computers and software needed to run the Business. Literally everything.

I spent three months preparing to launch the school, building the curriculum, printing flyers flyers, talking to parents of the kids and signing them up for classes the whole 9 yards. But, two days before the school was set to open. I got my revenge.

I threw all the computers into the garbage bin (which was collected the next day) and changed all the passwords for all the cloud services. I then threw out my cell phone and disappeared.

Because this guy was sketchy, he had always wanted to pay me in cash, so he didn’t have my bank information didn’t have my actual mailing address, and I gave him a fake one to start. So when I disappeared, he literally had no way to know who I was or how to find me.

I found out through the grapevine later that this wound up costing that local business man several hundred thousand dollars as he needed to pull cash from his other businesses to refinance this one and basically start from scratch. He missed the beginning of the school year and all of the parents that he had contracted with were p**sed and canceled and he was never able to recoup them as clients. Basically, I cost him an entire year.

I don’t regret it for a second, because this guy stole $50,000 from my friend, and basically took advantage of some young entrepreneurs, who were just trying to get their business started. He got what he deserved, and I now have a backstory as a corporate saboteur.”

4. Payback.

“Got a guy dr**k and told him to drive home then called the cops and reported him for d**nk driving. He was my squad leader and had f**ked me over more than once.

This was payback for giving me an article 15 over staying home with my daughter because my wife was hiding in the barracks with her boyfriend.”

5. Over the line.

“I was night manager at a fast food establishment during college.

There was a bitter prank rivalry between our establishment and the Subway next door to us.

After months of pranks,  escalation, I crammed a rotting hamburger patty in the handle of the Subway manager’s trunk lid so he went knuckle deep in rotting burger when he went home.

That was the end of the prank war and I’ve never forgiven myself for crossing the red line.”

6. Fire.

“My buddy and I were around 8 and we were being “watched” by a neighbor. We somehow got our hands on several boxes of matchbooks, so we started building “rockets” out of aluminum foil filled with match heads.

When we didn’t have enough to build any more “rockets” we each took the last few packs of matches and started flinging them at each other…you know ripping off the match head and then firing it off of the striker on the matchbook cover.

We were chasing each other around the yard and got near another neighbor’s house. They had one of those roll up wooden reed sunscreens… the ones they now make out of plastic.

A match got wedged between the reeds and started burning. Before we knew it it was 1 inch around, 3 inches around, 6 inches around and it wouldn’t go out.

Pretty soon the screen was burning from the bottom up…and soon, the house???

We ran and got a garden hose and somehow managed to extinguish it with only half the screen burned.

We then went back in the house where we were supposed to be being watched and turned on the TV…until the fire department showed up. Being 8 we tried to deny it until they pointed out our wet pant legs and the ashes still on our shoes.

I’ll be asked – so we got out of it…the neighbor did not press charges but my Dad paid for the repairs and pressed my ass with a belt, as it was back in the day.

I don’t back-judge him in 2023. I have to admit that the punishment and the fact that we could have burned somebody’s house down sharpened my sense of what was right and wrong and that my actions could have impact on other people.”

7. Wow!

“Taught Sunday school after a night of rolling on ecstasy.

And before going into my classroom to start my lesson, I threw up in the bathroom because I popped too much Percocet.”

8. Got lucky.

“When I was in the Army I got pretty low, I put the barrel of my rifle in my mouth and pulled the trigger.

G** jammed, sometimes I wonder if that was a miracle or a curse.”

9. Oops.

“Got dared to down a huge cup of coke and burp in my friend’s face at 13.

I did it but instead of a burp- I projectile vomited over her face.

She literally thought I walked up to her and purposefully projectile vomited on her.”

10. Ski accident.

“Broke a lady’s leg skiing back in the late 1980s in my preteen years.

I was out of control coming down the slope. Instead of falling backwards I decided to plow headfirst in to the ski line at the bottom of the hill.

I sent this lady flying for what seemed like a mile. Somehow no one saw me coming down so I played it off that I was hit too. Not my finest moment.”

11. You were wrong.

“I was at a club, I met a girl (I am also a girl).

She was super trashed by the time the bar closed and everyone gets kicked out. I’ve been r**ed before, and took initiative to get her home safe. Luckily she was staying somewhere close, as I found out by using her phone to text someone who knew her.

I got her back to her expensive hotel room, where her friend was. I declined to party with them, and went home. I was also d**nk, and the next day I found her earrings, and a couple hundred dollars in my purse.

I definitely stole it from her. She definitely wasn’t the type to miss it, but still wrong.”

12. Not cool.

“Made an unwarranted nasty comment about one of my closest friends in an effort to seem cool… and she was sitting right there across the room, heard it, went red in the face, and looked like she was about to cry.

I wanted to d** right then and there and I would have deserved it.”

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