Where Should Kids Not Be Allowed? People Shared Their Thoughts.

When did it become acceptable for places that serve booze to allow kids inside?

I’m not talking about restaurants: I’m specifically referring to bars and breweries.

Call me crazy, but I thought people went to those places to AVOID children.

But I guess the rules have changed…

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about where they think kids shouldn’t be allowed.

1. Keep them out!

“Bars and breweries. I live in Colorado and this is a major issue here.

I’ve gone to a bunch of bars or breweries that are very clearly not aimed at children and there are tons of kids and babies running around and I’ve overheard parents complaining about people drinking too much.

Not everywhere needs to be child friendly. And if people want a night on the town, they either need to go to Applebee’s or somewhere similar where they can bring their kids, not actual bars.”

2. Jeez…

“Tattoo shops.

Turned around to make a stencil the other day, came back to the client’s kid reaching up to try to get into my needles.

Mom on the phone not even watching.”

3. The worst.

“Movie theaters.

Recently, a 3-4 year old was babbling through most of the movie right behind me. There were at least 2 other kids in the same family who were probably 7-8.”

4. That is horrible.

“The f**king p**n store.

I can’t tell you how many times I have to turn people with three and four-year-olds away at the one I work at.

It’s insane. One lady brought her kid in and was like he’s on a leash. It’s ridiculous.”

5. Yuck.

“I saw a teenager bring her newborn infant – I heard her bragging about it had been less than a month, in between Metallica and Whitesnake songs – into a bowling alley on ‘rock nite’ and I never wanted to punch a teenager more than I did that night.


6. Close calls.

“Climbing gyms.

I have had 3 close calls of nearly crushing a child because parents think it is some big play area that kids can just run around and don’t realise that an adult falling 6 feet from a route could seriously hurt a child.”

7. Classy!

“I worked in a strip club years ago and some idiot brought in his toddler.

He couldn’t figure out why he was kicked out.”

8. Bad idea.

“A dog park.


I’ve seen people bring their kids to a dog park without even having a dog themselves, like it’s some sort of canine petting zoo rather than canine fight club.”

9. Bad parenting.

“Any drinking parties.

The amount of times people have brought their 6 month old child to a drinking party is insane.”

10. What are you doing here?

“Las Vegas.

I work for a major hotel on the strip and see people bringing their small kids and babies all the time.

There is literally nothing for them to do here.”

11. No kids allowed!

“I love the sentiment of child free weddings.

They don’t even understand what’s going on, they don’t need to be there.”

12. Good one.


Children should not be indoctrinated into religion and/or religious acts/beliefs until they are able to think for themselves and can do so in a critical and objective manner.

Religion is the one thing in this world that is most responsible for the harm and othering of our fellow humans throughout history; kids don’t need to be growing up influenced by that.

If they choose to embrace and follow a religion when they’re able to do so with a clear mind and of their own free will, that’s perfectly fine, but nobody, especially the vulnerable and impressionable, should be brainwashed into something that tends to affect their whole lives thereafter.”

Where do you think kids shouldn’t be allowed?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks, friends!