Woman Asks if She’s a Jerk for Refusing to Fund Her Husband’s Vacation

Have you ever paid for someone else’s vacation?

Like a vacation that you didn’t even go on?

Yeah…me neither…

So is this woman a jerk for refusing to fund her husband’s vacation while she recovers from surgery?

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AITA for refusing to fund my husband’s vacation?

“I (F/31) had a surgery that cost 3k a year ago. It was paid for by the joint account my husband and I had.

I took 6 months to recover. Now I’ve been back to work for few months. My husband has been planning a vacation to a sports resort with his friends in Dec. He told me about how much it costs (around 5k) and asked me to pay for it from my personal account.

I was in shock I asked why should I pay and he brought up how much he paid for my surgery and how the money was supposed to go towards vacation savings. I was even more shocked I said the surgery was an emergency unlike the vacation but he insisted the “outcome” was the same.

I refused and told him it was unfair and unreasonable and reminded him we both paid for the surgery not just him. He got irritated and started throwing around the words “manipulation” & “thief”. I refused to talk about it anymore.

Now he’s calling me names from selfish to ungrateful then gotten his friends to back him up saying that I’m “obligated” to help him out just like he helped me out before.”

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