Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Not Telling Her BF She Had Plastic Surgery

If someone chooses to have plastic surgery, that’s their prerogative, right?

I think so!

But, as you know, people get weird about all kinds of things…

So is this woman an a**hole for not telling her boyfriend that she has plastic surgery?

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AITA for not disclosing I had plastic surgery to my boyfriend?

“I (26F) have been dating Max (25M) for 4 months.

When I was 22, I had a nose job as I broke my nose twice as a kid and it left it with a large bump. Then, at 23, I had a breast augmentation that bumped me up two cup sizes. These were life long insecurities that I was bullied over, and it was really relieving to get them done.

Onto the present, I met Max through a friend and things have been great. Last night, I was strolling through my social media while on the sofa with him. I stopped on an old classmates vacation photo, where she wore a bikini and frankly, had very obvious implants (she looks great, happy for her! But you can tell.)

Max glanced over at that moment and said “Gross.” I asked him what the deal was, and he said women who get implants or other surgeries are a huge turn off to most guys, and how men prefer natural over two balloons and how insecure she looks.

I couldn’t help but laugh and said “So you’re turned off by me?”

He got very confused and asked what I meant, I informed him I had procedures done before. He kept denying it and saying I was joking until I showed him old photos of me.

He got quiet and left shortly after. I got a text saying I should’ve disclosed this on the first date, how I led him on and that he needs to reconsider things.

It’s the next day. Haven’t heard anything, I’m bewildered.


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