Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Refusing to Wear Makeup

It’s always so weird to me when people try to tell other people how to look and what to wear.

And here we go again, folks!

A woman asked readers on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if she’s wrong for refusing to wear makeup. Read on to see what happened.

AITA for not wearing make-up?

“I (24f) work with this guy I’ll call John.

I got hired during the pandemic and worked from home with twice a week zoom meetings, in which I never wore make-up. When we were allowed to go into work, I continued to not wear make-up. I have never worn make-up before and do not know how to apply it. I also want to avoid it because it causes acne problems.

I still do my hair, and wear decent clothes. My coworker, John (late 20s) asked me out on a date and I said sure. It was Monday, at Cheddar’s, because we were both off. I did not wear make-up to this date. My best friend, Jane, let me borrow her shoes for the date, and told me that I was giving him the wrong impression by not wearing make-up. I said why?

She said it makes it look like I don’t care about the date. I don’t understand this, because I’m going to wear a nice dress and her nice shoes out, and I feel like wearing make-up to the date gives the wrong impression because I simply do not wear it.

Jane offered to do my make-up for me, I refused because I have none. John has seen me without make-up plenty of times before. We work together and he has seen me in zoom calls and in the workplace and knows I just don’t wear it. Jane offered to bring hers over. I was getting really uncomfortable because I don’t want to wear any so I told her a firm no and went on my date.

It went fine, he’s a really nice guy, but at the end he asked, “So is this a work lunch?” Turns out he did have a problem with my not wearing make-up, which I feel is ridiculous. John was dressed basically the same as he always was to work at our date except for like an expensive watch.

I told this to my parents. My dad agrees with me, and says John knew what I was like regarding make-up before the date and if he has a problem, that’s on him. My mom on the other hand says that not wearing make-up was “a b**ch move” because it shows I’m not interested.

I haven’t told Jane, in case she rubs it in my face, but John has brought it up to one of our random coworkers and said that i didn’t try. coworker says i should’ve worn make-up, but also says john also shouldn’t have expected it of me, and it would’ve been a “nice surprise”. i’m getting many conflicting verdicts in this situation.


And here’s how people reacted on Reddit.

This person could barely believe their eyes!

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Another reader said this whole situation screams of s**ism.

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And this individual said that makeup should be worn for fun when people WANT to wear it. ‘Nuff said.

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Lastly, another Reddit user said that companies that know what they’re doing don’t care whether a woman wears makeup or not.

They’re looking for the best candidates.

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