Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Wanting to Tell Her Brother’s Fiancée That He Put a Tracking Device on Her Phone

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Anyone who uses tracking devices on their partner’s phone without their knowledge and consent has some serious control issues.

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AITA for wanting to tell my brother’s fiancée about the tracking app he secretly installed in the new phone he bought for her?

“My (f22) brother (m27) is currently engaged to his fiancèe f25.

He bought her a new phone for valentine’s and asked my boyfriend who’s trained in computer and software to install a hidden tracking app on the phone so his fianceè won’t see it or notice. I overheard them talking and when I entered the room they went silent.

I waited til my brother left then talked to my boyfriend, he denied having this conversation with my brother first then, admitted to installing the app on the phone. I told him he and my brother were in the wrong because this is huge breach of privacy.

He said he has nothing to do with it and advised me to stay out of it as well. but I said I want to tell my brother’s fiancèe. my boyfriend argued with me about being nosy and intrusive and told me to stay out of it and let them deal with their own issues.

But I thought that was unfair to my future sister in law since she’s the one working, paying bills and rent and this is how she is treated? My boyfriend told me gtfo with this attitude and again, said I should stay of it because it does not in any way concern me.

I don’t know I feel horrible after hearing about what my brother did and since I have a good relationship with his fiancee I can’t help but feel guilty and wanting to tell her.

AITA for wanting to tell her?”

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