Woman Got a Surprising Charge on Her Debit Card After She Left a Negative Review for a Hotel

When you book a hotel room, you hope it will be clean, tidy, and comfortable for your stay.

All the little soaps will be arranged nicely, the remote control will be able to find, and the room will be at a comfortable temperature (for me, that means a cool 65 degrees.”

Basically, you want it to look something like this when you show up.

But a woman named Katrina Arthur got a rude awakening at a hotel in Indiana called the Abbey Inn when she booked a romantic getaway for her husband and her.

Arthur was greeted by the smell of sewage when she entered the room and when she pulled back the covers on the bed, she saw a bunch of hair and dirt on the sheets. Yeah…that’s pretty disgusting.

When she wasn’t able to find anyone at the inn to help her clean up, Arthur did the job herself and she and her husband stayed in the room since they had already booked it.

Arthur received an email from the inn after her stay asking how her trip was and Arthur was brutally honest in her review…and she ended up being charged $350 after she let loose. She also received a letter from a lawyer threatening legal action, so Arthur decided to fight back.

Watch the video below to get the details.

And here’s a news update about what happened with the Abbey Inn after Katrina Arthur’s story went viral.

Take a look.

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