Woman Wants to Know if She’s Wrong for Walking Out of a Dinner After What Her Boyfriend’s Dad Said About Her Age

Sometimes, when the going gets rough…the best thing to do is just storm out of your partner’s birthday dinner!

Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do…

But is this woman an a**hole for what she did?

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AITA for walking out of my boyfriend’s birthday after the comment his dad made about my age?

“I f36 met my boyfriend m38 months ago. He waited to introduce me to his parents and decided that I’d meet them on his 36th birthday party that was held at their house.

Ngl. I was nervous about a number of things….I’m over 30 but still can get anxious (I’m an introvert yay) around new people.

We got to their house. There were more guests than I thought….like LOT more. When we sat down for dinner, his dad looked at me head to toe and said “he said, ‘Oh God**mn!! I thought you’d look a lot older than you do. You’ve still got a good 10 years of s*** kitten left in you!’.

I was shocked and completely baffled. The whole table went quiet and I couldn’t even look around me but knew that they were staring at me awkwardly. My boyfriend and his dad were laughing hard. it got so overwhelming for me I excused myself, got up, took my stuff and started making my way out.

My boyfriend followed me while asking where I was going and why. I stood at the door and pointed out his dad’s comment about my age. He said his dad is just like that, brutally honest and tells it like it is and so I shouldn’t take it personal. I told him it was personal because it felt like he was rating me and my functions as a human based on age.

He was like “come on!!! do you always have to be so dramatic let it go! it was literally nothing!”. he told me to go back inside but I decided to go home.

He was livid. he sent angry texts talking about how disappointed he and his family were by how I walked out and disrespected them and gave them the wrong impression about me.

He also said I ruined his birthday and overreacted to nothing and should’ve laughed it off. He’s demanding I reach out to his family with apologies and make it up to him.

AITA did I overreact?”

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