Young Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Not Clapping When Her Sister Sang

Have you ever gotten into trouble before for NOT clapping?

I’m wracking my brain here, but I really can’t think of an example…

But this young woman was called out for not clapping when her sister sang and now she wants to know if she acted like an a**hole.

Let’s see what the heck is going on here.

AITA for not clapping when my sister sang in her voice class?

“My sister (15) and I (19) are taking the same voice class at a community college. A requirement of the class is that you sing 5 times over the course of the semester.

My sister is incredibly shy and has sang 5 times but it’s always been on Zoom for the professor. A couple things are nobody knows I’m her sister (she’s adopted and we look absolutely nothing alike) and she’s by far the youngest in the class (most of the class is in their mid 20’s-early 30’s) so everyone kinda babies her a little.

My mom’s friend’s daughter, Anna (25) is also in the class and my mom asked Anna to watch my sister and make sure she’s doing okay. Anna also drives my sister to and from class because I go with my friends. Anna babies her a lot. She gives her candy and takes her out to eat before class and she makes sure everyone’s really nice to her.

My sister sang on Tuesday and when she was in a practice room, Anna went around and told everyone to clap for her no matter how she does and to only give nice comments because she’s terrified.

Then my sister sang and she sucked. She was looking down the whole time and had her arms around her chest, they had to restart the song twice for her, she was ahead of the music, and didn’t get half the notes right.

Everyone clapped for her, except for me, then it was time for comments. I don’t think I was rude, I just told her that the song needs a lot more work, she should probably pick a different song, and she needs to calm down before she sings again. She ended up crying and Anna gave me a death stare.

Anna ended up taking her home early and when she got back to class, she pulled me aside and asked if I really had to make those comments and if it was absolutely necessary, it couldn’t have waited until we were home and she wasn’t on stage in front of the class. I said that I would’ve said that to everybody and she doesn’t get special treatment just because she’s afraid to talk or sing in front of people.

When I got home my mom yelled at me for being mean to my sister and said that she cried in her room for a half hour because of how her performance went. I don’t think it was a big deal but everyone else does so I wanted to know if I was the a**hole.”

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