10 Confessions from People Who Fell for Their Work Wives

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It’s hard to go to a job day-in and day-out with nothing to look forward to.

People are resilient, and they find joy where they can.

Sometimes that joy is in the bond they form with others in the same situation.

Sometimes you spend so much time together you start to bicker like an old marry couple–and you know each other that well too.

It can make work nice, and comfortable. But it can also cause trouble if you’re not careful.

Here are 10 times people fell in love with their “work wife.”

1. Deep breaths. Infatuation fades.

It’s always fun when it’s new and exciting.

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2. Is emotional cheating still cheating?

Maybe. Only you can decide.

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3. Please do everyone a favor and re-evaluate your upcoming nuptials

Secrets fester, but as secrets go…
this one might not be a good one to keep.

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4. Moving on is probably for the best

On the other hand, if you’re both single, now’s your chance.

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5. Those pesky significant others

They’re always getting in the way.

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6. Sometimes it’s good to remember there are different kinds of love

And if that doesn’t help, I recommend cold showers and lots of sick days.

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7. An interesting conundrum

I want to see the ending of this movie…
And I want it to be a grand gesture confessing the secret love.
On both sides.

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8. You know you’ve got it bad when you’re happy it’s Monday

Honestly, figure out a way to lock it down.
Because if she can make Mondays not terrible, you need her in your life forever.

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9. When love IS requited, but it’s still not enough

I’d be tempted to quit my job and never have to see her again.

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And a bonus one for the warriors.

10. Maybe he’s saying the exact same thing about his work wife

Some bonds are powerful like that.

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15 years ago I had a friend with a deep and abiding love for her “work husband”–the first time I ever heard the term.

These confessions really hit all the feels. It can be exquisitely painful to fall for someone you can’t have. I want happy endings for all of them.

What do you think about “work spouses”? Tell us in the comments.