10 Moments in Cartoons That Were There for the Parents, Not the Kids

Image credit: Twitter

Having to watch entertainment made for kids on repeat with the beloved littles in our life can get pretty tedious.

So it’s always fun when they stick in a joke or two for the adults who are watching for the fortyleventh time.

BuzzFeed recently crowd-sourced some of these little hidden jokes, and a lot of them are kinda dirty.

I don’t know what that says about the state of media created for kids, or about the adult mindset, but here you go.

1. The “nakey” episode of Rugrats

Some viewers claim Tommy didn’t have boy parts.
And yet… other adult viewers claim he almost asked Lil why she didn’t.

2. Jimmy Neutron, Return of the Nanobots

Hugh, surrounded by a mountain of pies, is an homage to a The Twilight Zone episode.
So that little Easter egg was maybe there for Grandma.

3. SpongeBob Square Pants

Apparently later in this scene, they get caught in the buff while Patrick is offering SpongeBob a dollar…

4. Gravity Falls

When a “meet cute” happens at the Meat Cute.
So clever!


5. Rugrats again!

Grandpa rents an R rated film.


6. Disney’s The Suite Life of Zach and Cody played with parody

No one tell Paris, y’all.

7. This was par for the course with Rocko’s Modern Life

But by season 4, someone figured it out, and they renamed it.

8. Like I said… the innuendo wasn’t even thinly veiled

Even as a kid I thought that was the point of Rocko.

9. Batman Beyond – totally a euphemism

I feel like they don’t get away with as much these days.

10. Rugrats trifecta

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

I think I’m starting to understand why teenagers still watch SpongeBob.

Did we leave some out? Let us know in the comments!