12 Times When Someone Should Have Said No

Image credit: Reddit

When things go wrong, my husband often likes to say, “Nice idea. Shame about the execution.”

I believe it comes from soccer.

Well, sometimes things are the opposite.

Sometimes they are a terrible idea, fabulously executed.

Thus began the r/ATBGE subreddit, for exhibiting just this sort of situation.

Here are some of the most amazingly bad ideas that make you wonder who said, “Yes!”

1. Balloon Art Crucifixion

I think this one speaks for itself, really.

[deleted by user]
by inATBGE

2. More Jesus Art

Masking tape and paper…
Only slightly less horrifying than the circus balloons.

This is being sold on FB marketplace. It’s masking tape and paper….
by inATBGE

3. Finger Hands Squared

I am honestly not sure why anyone needed the originals.
But these… well… the stuff of nightmares?

Now introducing finger hands for finger hands
byu/KlzXS inATBGE

4. Toilet Kisser

I take it back. THIS is the stuff of nightmares.
I’m guessing this won’t survive a post-COVID world.

Located at a bar in Shinjuku, Japan. There is a bathroom with a GAINT head located infront of the toilet. Activated by the pressure from the seat, the face sings a strange drunken tune and slowly moves towards you… Making the room smaller and smaller, until its lips ‘kiss’ your knees
byu/SprinklesPublic inATBGE

5. Pogo Plunger

Speaking of toilets…
This comes from the school of “everything should be fun” I guess.

byu/Jesus_was_a_nazi inhmmm

6. Rubber Chicken Bumper

I’m not sure what there is to say.
Seemed like a good idea at the time?

byu/nihilism1998 inhmmm

7. Grasshopper Restaurant

This feels like someone just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a laugh.

Who thought two grasshoppers having sex makes for a good building for a restaurant?
by inATBGE

8. Beard Haircut

I wish there was a front view too.
If my husband did this (even as a joke), I would burst into tears.

This beard/haircut
byu/SomeNorwegianChick inATBGE

9. Festive Chest Hair

This, on the other hand, he’s welcome to try.
It feels like it would take a bit of skill to pull this off.

Not sure if this belongs here
byu/Jfonzy inATBGE

10. Getting Cute With Useless Masks

The value of an unlined crochet mask aside, it’s a clever design.

Does this mask belong here
byu/d3333p7 inATBGE

11. Flesh-Colored Mask

This one, though, feels extremely creepy.
It reminds me of the Suliban from the Star Trek: Enterprise series.

A knitted, skin-colored ski mask…
byu/KrissiKross inATBGE

12. Literal Tramp Stamp

Ahh the old classic. In more ways than one!

Was told to post my Tramp Stamp for Tuesday
byu/HalfAdult inATBGE

Those were all pretty terrible ideas.

I’m impressed with the skill and dedication employed to pull them off though!

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.