13 Examples of Terrible Food Ideas

Image credit: Reddit

Sometimes, not matter how hard you try, your efforts just don’t quite hit the mark.

Kind of like the classic “nailed it” and cake fail memes, where a good idea is poorly executed.

At other times, the best possible implementation of an idea can’t make up for a bad idea.

Here are 13 mostly beautiful food-themed fails from the Awful Taste But Great Execution subreddit that just shouldn’t have been tried to begin with.

1. Curry Phone Case

I like curry as much as anyone…
but I’d give this lumpy gem a heat level of 0 for taste.

This curry phonecase
byu/somuchwow123 inATBGE

2. Cheese Keyboard

Cheese is my favorite food group…
But having your hands smell like cheese is not the best part of eating cheese.

Keyboard with cheese styled keycaps
byu/Pinecone inATBGE

3. Madagascar Cake

Traumatizing children by beheading beloved characters seems like a bad idea.

This Madagascar cake
byu/TeddySD inATBGE

4. Savory Wedding Cake

Just. Say. No.
I’m really struggling on who thought this was a good idea.

Wedding cake made with cheese, bacon, beans, and… triscuits?
byu/Lord_Blathoxi inATBGE

5. Salad Lasagna

So… refreshing?
What was wrong with a side salad and a real lasagna?
It just seems like so much work for so little payoff.

Salad lasagne
byu/BaconBunkerFuck inATBGE

6. Moldy Fruit Art

What to buy for the grandma who has everything?
I just… I don’t even want to look at this. 🤮

Moldy fruit art using precious gems and stones
byu/zombiefriedrice inATBGE

7. Red Cabbage Slippers

For the vegan foodie in your life.

These red cabbage slippers
byu/KickolasNage inATBGE

8. Cookout Candles

What could possibly go wrong?

I saw the hotdog candle here last week. Here is the whole collection.
byu/tubassjeff inATBGE

9. Burger Bed

Go to sleep hungry.
Wake up hungry.
Always so hungry.

Hamburger bed from 1972
byu/BleuDePrusse inATBGE

10. Embroidered Snack Bags

Turning litter into art.
It’s like permanent, decorative litter.
It’s so meta it broke my brain.

this one is also literal
by inATBGE

11. Sperm Cake

Because who wouldn’t want to eat that much… icing?

I wonder what flavor it is

12. Tee-Tee Tea

For the brave and bold tea drinker in your life.
I hope they have a sense of humor.

Feel like a cuppa’ ass tea?
byu/SgtAba inATBGE

13. Messed-Up Spaghetti

I legit don’t know what this is but I think I threw up in my mouth.
Please, tell me it’s a joke.

Meat-ghetti and spag-balls
byu/Idontlikejokes inATBGE

Those are all certainly… interesting! What’s your favorite “nice try” terrible idea? Show us in the comments.