10 People Share the Reasons Why They Never Wear Yoga Pants

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I confess, the closest I get to wearing yoga pants in public is generally walking my dog around the neighborhood.

I think I haven’t recovered from the late 90s transition between when you could get away with wearing leggins and nothing else covering your behind, to when that was suddenly not cool at all.

But it’s back in style now because women have embraced being comfortable and more power to them!

Some women, though, still won’t wear yoga pants and legging.

Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Sometimes you just feel very exposed

That may not bother everyone, it’s not necessarily bad. You feel how you feel.

I hate wearing yoga pants in public because I feel exposed. Am I the only one who thinks it?

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2. Whether it’s because you have too much curve or too little…

There’s simply no hiding your shape in yoga pants.

I hate yoga pants season because I'm embarrassed about have no a**.

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3. And you just don’t want people looking

Whether it’s creepy guys, your grandpa, or the neighbor, it can get awkward fast.

The reason I never wear yoga pants is because I feel like every guy looks at my butt.

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4. Some ladies are just too tall

Not me, but I can see how it would be problematic.

I have long legs so most full length yoga pants don't fit... :(

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5. Others find them extremely uncomfortable

I hear you. I feel that way about most tights.
I often cut the waistband a little.

Yoga pants/leggings, etc. are the absolute worst pants ever made. They're tight and have no breathing capacity. All they do is give me yeast infections.

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6. And sometimes, it’s simply a fashion statement

Or maybe an UNfashion statement.

I don't like yoga pants, they don't match my style like jeans do.

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7. Not to mention those pesky underwear lines

Bad enough in regular pants, but with tight pants? Woof.
Personally, in this case, I’ll keep the yoga pants and forget about the gym.

Undie lines with yoga pants are the worst! I get so self conscious at the gym about them.

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8. A lot of people feel they’re ONLY for the gym

I may be biased, because I hate the gym, but that’s still a little too in-public for me.

I hate leggings and yoga pants. To me they shouldn't be worn unless exercises are intended before or after.

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9. And some are reminded of grandma’s yoga in the park

For some reason this concept just makes me laugh.

I don't like yoga pants. Makes me think of old wrinkly women trying to do Yoga. Even leggings are difficult for me, I feel only some women can pull those off.

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10. Sometimes there isn’t a reason for the hate

It’s just not your thing. And that’s okay too.

I hate leggings. They're trashy on their own.

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To each their own, you know? Women who can pull it off and enjoy wearing leggings and yoga pants should absolutely do it. The rest of us will figuring something else out.

How do you feel about yoga pants? Let us know in the comments!