12 People Dish on the Bosses Who Made Them Cry

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Work is hard enough, but what about when work makes you cry?

I’ve had customers and coworkers make me cry in the past, but when it’s your boss?

That’s when you know it’s bad–and probably time to look for a new gig literally anywhere else.

Here are 12 people’s confessions about crying because of the boss.

1. Not cool, man

Even if no one else does, your boss should have your back.

My boss intentionally picks on me... Feels like he does it more since he made me cry...

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2. Some people are just mean

Some old ladies are the meanest.
That’s literally the plot of The Devil Wears Prada.

My boss made me cry today. She's the meanest old lady I've ever met!

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3. Bosses like this are what OSHA is for

No one should come at you for being sick!

My boss screamed at me today for being sick and made me cry in front of all our clients... this isn't the first time either.

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4. Man, that makes it hard to leave

What a tough position to be in.

My boss made me cry today. Love my job, hate the boss.

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5. We all have to wear a mask sometimes

But it’s okay if your mask slips now and then.
You’re only human.

My boss just made me cry at work. Sometimes I forget I'm not really the ice princess and I have emotions. I ran out to cry in my truck. Dope.

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6. You know how they say don’t cry over spilled milk?

Don’t scream at employees over messed up milkshakes, either.

My boss made me cry today at work. I made a small mistake with a milkshake, he got mad, and I said sorry, then he essentially called me stupid and said I can't think before I do things.

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7. It’s bad enough when they make you cry

But in front of customers? That’s the worst kind of scum.

My boss made me cry today by humiliating me in front of customers during afternoon rush.

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8. These guys need to remember that you’re minimum wage

Though honestly, being treated this way isn’t worth ANY pay day.

My boss just totally berated me and made me cry. As if life isn't bad enough. This bs isn't worth the $9 an hour.

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9. It’s amazing what these poor people put up with

Can’t they go to HR about this sort of treatment?

My boss calls me lazy and that I should go back to my old job and was saying some more hurtful things. He made me cry twice.

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10. At least you can say peace out

And feel good about your decision.

My boss made me cry when I put in my 2 weeks lol. Just more of a reason to get out of that job.

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11. I’m so sorry, I wish you didn’t have to

I hope all of these people can move on to something better.

My boss made me cry today... I really don't want to go back tomorrow...

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12. So, apologies are always good

But I have SO many questions…

My boss made me cry. But he apologized and made Mac n cheese for us. So that's nice, I guess.

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All of these bosses are terrible, and all of these employees are troopers for putting up with it.

Has your boss ever made you cry? Tell us your story in the comments.