12 People Who Look Like Their Pets

Photo Credit: Imgur, Antonada

Pet owners spend a lot of time taking care of their furry friends. So much time, in fact, that some of them even start developing similar looks and traits. Don’t believe us? Check out these 12 people who are definitely transforming into their pets.

#1. Smiles for days.

#2. Which yoga pose is this? “Chill Dog?”

Photo Credit: Imgur

#3. I’m so confused…

Photo Credit: Imgur

#4. This is pretty “cony,” er, I mean corny.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#5. Do you think they use the same shampoo?

Photo Credit: Imgur

#6. He knows how to work a camera like his owner.

Photo Credit: Imgur: Calvinator19

#7. Are we sure that’s not a wig he’s wearing?

Photo Credit: Imgur

#8. Someone send help.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#9. I wouldn’t mess with either of them.

#10. What are the odds of this?

#11. Or this?

Photo Credit: Imgur: Cakewar

#12. This is just too much <3.

Photo Credit: Imgur: Antonada

h/t: BrightSide

And no pet is complete without a hilarious nickname.