12 Unexpected Places Gay Men Have Found True Love

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As we get older, it can start to feel like there are fewer places and ways to meet people, except for the internet.

There’s friends, and work, and apps…

But as these posts show, sometimes people have to get a little creative, especially gay men, for whom finding love may not always be clear cut.

Here are 12 places some gay men have found true love:

1. High school can be hard

In a scene rampant with bullying, thank goodness these two found each other.

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2. College is easier for everyone

More people, more opportunities, more freedom, more fun.

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3. After college, there’s always work

Just remember to keep an open mind.

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4. Unconventional can work too

Remember to wash your hands before shaking hands.
Are we still shaking hands in 2021?

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5. There’s always the Army

Do ask, do tell, just don’t tell anyone else.

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6. Proof you can find love in surprising places

Even more surprising than the military?

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7. Online is always an option

If you can find love at church, you can find love anywhere.

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8. Be brave and send the message

Because the best case scenario is worth it.
Our job here is done.

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9. Put yourself out there

Say ‘yes’ to the invite. Show up at the party.

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10. Try new things

There truly is a sport for everyone.

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11. Keep your eyes open when you’re shopping

You might just be shopping for a husband.

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12. If all else fails…

There’s always spin-the-bottle.

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It’s not easy to find love, but it’s nice to know it can be done with or without Grindr.

Did you find your S.O. in an unexpected place? Tell us in the comments!