There are A LOT of lame April Fools’ jokes out there, especially the ones companies pull every year. Although, I will say, Google is definitely a standout for some good ones. In fact, one of them actually turned into Pokémon GO! No, really, it did. But there was also that bad one that we should forget about…

But these pranks from AskReddit? These are dynamite. And they’ll work.

So study up pranksters! The shiz is about to get real.

23. Lube-arific

Replace their Purell with Lube.

Watch them rub their hands together forever.

The lube washes off harmlessly, the shame never will.

22. They’ll Never See It Coming…

Bring a box of creme-filled donuts to work. Regular creme-filled donuts.

Put a note on the box that says “Happy April 1!”

Watch everyone get paranoid about what you didn’t actually do to the donuts.

21. Political Mischief

Last year I worked in a larger law firm with many attorneys. For April Fool’s, someone took one thing from each office and switched it with something from another.

It was primarily their degrees or family pics, but one person’s Reagan pic was swapped with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The managing attorney’s chair was replaced with a wheelchair.

20. Is That What I Think It Is?!?

Take off the lid to the shower drain. Shove in a large plastic bag with some chocolate milk powder mix in it. Secure the bag with the drain cover and cut off any excess bits of plastic.

Wait for sounds of disgust as brown water starts coming up from the drain while they’re showering.

Almost got disowned for this one.

19. Co-workers Beware!

I did this a few times at my last job and it was hilarious. If a co-worker walks away from their computer and leaves it unlocked go into the mouse settings and change the primary cursor icon to the loading icon so it always looks like the computer is thinking.

I had one co-worker sit for 10 minutes bitching at his computer because it was taking forever, I finally couldn’t stop laughing and told him what was up.

18. So what I did to my brother last year is this.

Put a sign that says “gullible” on the ceiling. Take a picture of it. Take the sign down.

Our conversation went like this:
Me: “It says gullible on the ceiling.”
Brother: “No it doesn’t, I’m not a idiot”
Me: “fine if you won’t look then ill take a picture of it for you” (pretend to take picture and show them the picture you took earlier)
Brother: “I guess it really does” (looks up) “Fuck you”

I love screwing with him.

17. Pretty In Pink

I did this one last year. I work at a restaurant. We have these spray bottles with a light pink solution we use to clean tables and such. I went and grabbed a brand new one and filled it with watered down pink lemonade.

I would be cleaning near my co workers , while chatting with them and nonchalantly unscrew the top spray/ trigger piece and just started downing it like I was dying of thirst.

The look of horror on some of their faces was priceless.

16. I’m Not Lying. This Is Good.

Leave a note for a family member, roommate, or coworker to call back a Mr. Lyon with a number for the local zoo.

15. Cage Rage!

If they use Google Chrome, install the extension “nCage It”. It changes EVERY image (including google logo, thumbnails, etc.) into randomly generated pics/gifs of Nicolas Cage.

The best part? There is an option to hide the extension from the task bar. They would actually have to go into their internet options and find it under the “extensions” tab just to turn it off.

It’s great.