14. Let’s Go To The Tape!

Work place- every year I always put clear tape under the optical mouse- I work in a call center. 🙂 Every year, it works like a charm.

Departments have personalities- it shows up on that prank.

Sales- They freak out and tell any one who will listen and whine all day about it. One year, it took them 3 hours to figure it out. Finally one person went and asked IT for help.

IT- They chuckle, then get back to work.

Management- Freak out, grabs IT, resolved. Then they are paranoid the rest of the day while nervously laughing as though they found it funny.

13. Savage

Get Tupperware and fill it with water.

Tell the victim you’re going to show them a magic trick. Hold the container up to the ceiling and have them support it with a broom handle.

Once the broom is supporting it, walk away.

12. Don’t F**K With My Money!

Try and get your friends or family members phone.

Change your name entry in their phone to their network name, then send them a text containing a sudden bill change or an unexpectedly high bill for that month.

I’ve done this for a couple of years on the run now to different people.

Works every time.

11. The Patience!

Paint all the bars of soap with clear nail polish.

10. Window Into Your Dark Soul

Step 1: Find a business that replaces car windshields.

Step 2: Ask them if they would be willing to give you a bag of broken auto glass (most people will give you a strange look, but oblige.)

Step 3: Scribble an angry note on a piece of paper, tape it to a fist-sized rock.

Step 4: Gain access to your friend/family member’s vehicle, roll the window down, scatter the broken auto glass you acquired, and place the rock with attached note.

Step 5: Make sure the other windows are rolled-up, and the doors are locked when you leave the scene of the “crime.”

Step 6: Enjoy the panic that ensues.

I did this to my step-brother a few years ago. A few days later, he was on his way to his insurance office to see if they’d cover it when it started to rain. He instinctively tried to roll up his window, and to his surprise — the in-tact window rolled up just fine.

9. You’ll Never Look At A Cloud The Same Way

The best prank you’ll ever pull:

Get on someone’s Chrome and install an extension called “Cloud to Butt”. Very simply, in any web page they visit, the word “cloud” will be replaced with the word “butt”.

It’s hilarious and will take them months to figure out.

I did this to my brother and he sent me this screenshot.. I had totally forgotten I installed it..


8. Here, Let’s Make You Some Money

Take out an ad in Craigslist announcing a garage sale at your friends house. Opens at 7am on Saturday. In the middle of the night, on Friday night, empty whatever junk you might have in your garage and place it in their yard. Place garage sale signs around the neighborhood announcing the sale. Come 7am they’ll get a knock at the door asking if their garage sale, that they have no idea is happening, is open or not.

I did this to a buddy of mine and the look on his face when that stranger showed up and n his front door was priceless. He just handed the lady a basket and said whatever you feel about a a good deal put the $ in this.

I got rid of my junk and he made $150 haha

7. Now You’ve Taken Things Too Far!

Put out a bowl filled with M&Ms, Skittles, and Reese’s Pieces.

6. This One’s Hard To Pull Off

My friend had this large black dildo in her underwear drawer which went missing a few days before Christmas.

The day of, she’s gathered around the Christmas tree with her family, and boyfriend while exchanging gifts. Among the gifts, is something with a striking resemblance to her dildo from her boyfriend, same size, and the same shape. She hesitantly begins to unwrap it, knowing she could be unwrapping a big dildo in front of her whole family. As she removes the paper, she starts seeing the color of it, shiny and black.

She takes a deep breath, and removes the rest of the paper, it ends up being some trinket filled with candy that he bought from the dollar store, she looks up to him and he has the biggest grin on his face, turns out he hid the dildo and planned this to mess with her.