Hashtag Wars: @Midnight Viewers Give Us Their #2017Predictions

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2017 has officially begun. What better way to kick 2016 out the door (finally) than with some hilarious tweets predicting what will come to be in 2017?

Hashtag Wars and the @Midnight viewers put their own spin on their thoughts (and hopes?) for the new year below – enjoy!

#15. Additional prediction: “GRRM tries to sue you for copyright infringement when you use the tagline ‘Stick ‘Em With the Pointy End,’ but all lawyers are on the run.”

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#14. I wonder how many points they get if their prediction comes true. Because…

#13. Co-signed.

#12. Points for the twist.

#11. …ladies everywhere weep.

#10. Let me add my own: ratings go through the roof.

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#9. Seems totally legit.

#8. And suddenly our obsession with dystopian fiction makes sense.

#7. And the First World suffering continues.

#6. We can certainly hope.

#5. Not gonna lie. This seems likely.

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#4. May God have mercy on our souls.

#3. …and never return to the surface world? Okay!

#2. “Everyone laughs at the people who don’t get the joke.”

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#1. I love when people can combine real life and Star Wars. It should be listed as a resume skill.

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