Hashtag Wars: Stoner Video Games Edition

Image Credit: Pics of Celebrities

Combining stoners and video games seems like a no-brainer – the only thing better would be somehow incorporating junk food into the mix, too – and yet (as ever), the @midnight players and viewers manage to take things to a whole new level.

#15. Effortless.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#14. Solid.

#13. I love the throwbacks. Because I actually get them.

#12. Special brownies?

#11. He worked really hard for this one.

#10. Clever enough for points.

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#9. Simple and elegant. Well crafted.

#8. Funny AND it makes sense. Win!

#7. I feel like this was personal.

#6. This just made me snort.

#5. Favorite.

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#4. Lots of fun with this one.

#3. Perfection.

#2. It just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Or movie potential.

#1. All of the points forever.

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