Pokémon GO Helps UK Animal Shelter Raise $13K in One Night

Photo Credit: strype24/DESTINY

The death of Pokémon GO has been greatly exaggerated.

Pokémon GO is still hovering in the 40s on the download charts. 

It’s also still the top-grossing app on iOS.

And, that’s great for Niantic and probably also for gamers who want ever-expanding content.

That’s also been great for animal shelters all over, including the UK’s Wood Green Animal Charities.

They run a massive shelter:


Photo Credit: Adrian Cable

It also has 5 Poké-stops, a gym, and is a known nest.

They started holding Pokémon GO nights back in August.

The first event saw 3,000 visitors and raised over $5,000.

Photo Credit: Cambridge News

So, they held another event in September:

Photo Credit: strype24/DESTINY

Even more people showed up:

Photo Credit: strype24/DESTINY

And, despite the depressingly low amount of coinage in the donation bins when Reddit user DESTINY took this pic during the event…:

Photo Credit: strype24/DESTINY

The shelter made about $13,000 that night.


Photo Credit: strype24/DESTINY

Back on September 17, before the latest nest migration, the park was chock full of Charmanders:

Photo Credit: strype24/DESTINY

Unfortunately, it’s just a Rhyhorn nest at the moment, but even that’s not the end of the world:

Photo Credit: meme generator

And the shelter hopes to host another event in October.

h/t: Game Rant

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