VIDEO: The Best Attackers of Each Pokémon Type

Type advantage has always played a large roll in Pokémon games, and Pokémon GO is no different. Using Pokémon types to your advantage in Gyms helps you take down those 2500+ CP defenders, and using a Pokémon with 2 moves from a specific type is the best way to get those “Super Effective” bonuses while battling.

Knowing the best offensive Pokémon and moves in each type is a great way to help you become a gym master in your town. Youtube channel Trainer Tips recently released a video with a great rundown of Pokémon types – including the best two moves for each type.

If you are struggling in your neighborhood Pokémon Gyms, we highly suggest you watch this video!

Do you have any of the best attackers with the best move sets? If so, get out there and start owning your neighborhood Pokémon Gyms!

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