Betcha Can’t Beat These 15 Hilarious #DogJobs Submissions from @Midnight Viewers

Image Credit: Comedy Central

Combine dogs with play on words, puns, and some slightly witty insinuations, and you’ve got these 15 hilarious answers to Chris Hardwick’s Hashtag Wars challenge – #DogJobs.

#15. Bit of a stretch, if you ask me.

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#14. One of my dogs could definitely apply for this.

#13. The breed specific ones should get bonus points.

#12. This character is going to show up on the next season of The Big Bang Theory.

#11. I laughed way too hard at this.

#10. Yeah. Points.

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#9. I love a good classic dog reference.

#8. Kind of disappointed in myself for missing this one.

#7. Practically perfect.

#6. Only black and white dogs need apply.

#5. It took me a minute.

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#4. Experience? No problem. Would you like a demonstration?

#3. Harry Potter references. #Always

#2. Wonder what he’ll do with his signing bone-us? Bury it or snarf it?

#1. Best answer.

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