Boutique Gyms: Unique Pokémon as Defenders

Since Pokémon Go’s release in early July, millions of players have adopted and then abandoned the game. One major reason people have cited for ditching the game is monotony. And it’s true! After a while, Pokémon GO can start to feel stale. Pidgeys and Ratattas abound, and the same Pokémon fill every gym you can find.

Lately, Niantic has been doing a pretty good job at keeping things fresh, with the Halloween Event and a slew of other updates. Pokémon gyms, however, have remained fairly stagnant. I guarantee you every gym near you is filled with the same 5-8 Pokémon: You got your Dragonites, your Snorlaxes, Laprases, oodles of Vaporeons. It really feels like every gym battle is the same.

I miss the excitement of when the game first came out, when you could really find anything in gyms. Recently, though, I started seeing an appreciation for “boutique gyms” in a few forums I follow. These are gyms that players fill with more unique Pokémon, ones you don’t see everyday. Let me just say – I love this idea!

There have even been reports of these gyms lasting longer than gyms stacked with high level powerful Pokémon. Perhaps people just enjoy seeing these unique Pokémon. I know I love seeing something like a Charizard or a Golem atop a gym. Recently there was a 1100 Mr. Mime atop of a gym for days near my house. People liked him so much that they left him alone!

SOURCE: Koitahaolla

SOURCE: Koitahaolla


SOURCE: Koitahaolla

If nothing else these boutique gyms are a welcome break to the repetition of battling the same Pokémon in every gym you visit. I have fought enough Vaporeons to last me the rest of my life. Seeing something like a Dodrio in a gym helps keep the game exciting. And we all know this game needs whatever it can get to break the monotony.

SOURCE: Otakukart

Photo Credit: Otakukart

Have you seen any boutique gyms near you? Do you plan on leaving any interesting and unique Pokémon in your local gyms?

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