Virtually Hatch 9 10KM Eggs With This Redditor

If you’ve ever collected and hatched a group of nine 10KM eggs before, it’s a REALLY exciting feeling.

I’ve done it once, and I felt such a strange sense of accomplishment. Yes, Pokémon GO is only a game, but I was genuinely surprised I had the patience to wait until I got 9 of the rarest egg type. And I knew once I hit that 10KM mark, there was a chance for a Lapras or Snorlax. Heck, even a Dratini, Omanyte, or Kabuto would be good. And Electabuzz and Magmar are both decent fighting Pokémon. And let’s not forget Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. All decent.

Redditor orbesomebodysfool recently did something really cool. He or she shared a virtual egg hatch of nine 10KM eggs via a series of links on The Silph Road’s subreddit, and it was a really fun way to see what somebody else got.

So what did they get? Find out by clicking on each egg!

Egg #1

Egg #2

Egg #3

Egg #4

Egg #5

Egg #6

Egg #7

Egg #8

Egg #9

What did you think? Would you be happy with what hatched?

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