Driver Convicted in Japan’s First Pokémon GO Vehicle Fatality

With the release of Pokémon GO this summer, hoards of people got out of their houses and into the streets hunting the virtual monsters. Parks were filled with people, faces glued to their phones. And, unfortunately, some chose to ignore the many warnings against playing while driving.

SOURCE: Telegraph

SOURCE: Telegraph

Keiji Goo was one of these players, and his mistake ended in tragedy. On August 23rd, a month after Pokémon GO had been released in Japan, Keiji was playing while driving in the city of Tokushima. Distracted, he failed to notice the two elderly women crossing the road in front of his car. He struck and killed one 72-year-old women, seriously injuring another.

In Tokushima District Court this week, Keiji was sentenced to 14 months in prison – six months less than the prosecution had initially sought. His defense team said he is not planning on appealing the ruling. Sounds of crying could be heard from members of the victim’s family as the verdict was read.

This is the first conviction in the three fatal accidents (so far) caused by drivers distracted by Pokémon Go in Japan, according to the National Police Agency.

Please, be safe when playing Pokémon GO and under no circumstances play while driving! You are putting not only your life in danger, but the lives of others.

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