Pokémon GO Helped Nintendo Sell a Bunch of Other Poké-Stuff

Nintendo only owns 32% of the Pokémon company.

Back in July, that “revelation” was enough to send their stock “crashing back to earth,” after it soared in the week following the launch of Niantic’s AR phenomenon.

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See that big jump, followed by an almost immediate 50% dip?

That’s a bunch of people throwing their money away.

Nintendo owns the copyright to Pokémon and 32% of The Pokémon Company, to which Niantic pays a licensing fee for the right to use Pokémon.

That may not be as much as some had thought, but it sure ain’t nothing.

Also worth mentioning: Nintendo does own every Pokémon video game except for Pokémon GO.

And the franchise, which was birthed via the Game Boy in 1996, has proved its enduring popularity – it just turned 20 this year:

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So, when Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima gave his most recent financial results briefing (for the 3rd quarter of 2016), he had a ton of good news.

The Nintendo DS line of Pokémon games has seen a definite boost from the arrival of Pokémon GO:

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Those are games that had been sitting around since February (at the latest), all of a sudden come back to life.

Nintendo also increased sales of its (more expensive) hardware:

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And none of that includes the sales figures from Sun and Moon. Just launched last weekend, the games have outperformed in both downloads of the demo (3.5 million in the first week) and pre-orders:

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Nor do those numbers include the new Limited DS consoles Nintendo released to go along with Sun/Moon.

The company is also releasing their very first mobile game next month:

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You know, Mario, that other franchise they own that’s also the only video game franchise bigger than Pokémon.

There is that.

In fact, over 20 million people have requested to be notified as soon as Super Mario Run launches next month.

Additionally, the NES Classic Editions is so hard to score that I’m guessing it must be outperforming as well (this happened after the 3rd quarter presentation, so there are no official stats yet):

Photo Credit: Nintendo

I wonder if all of those people who sold their Nintendo stock back in July are regretting it now.

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